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    Main Characters 

Kirsten Clark (Portrayed by Emma Ishta )

Kirsten Clark is a Caltech student recruited to the secret Stitchers Program. She suffers from Temporal Dysplasia, a fictional condition in which a person cannot sense the passing of time which makes her a perfect candidate for the Stitchers Program.
  • Abusive Parents:Her mom was alright until she died and her dad well...spoilers
  • Deadpan Snarker:Has a very dry remark to anyone in range
  • Death Glare:Has a rather impressive death glare.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen:As time goes on, she very noticeably defrosts around the team.
  • Determinator:Very stubborn and nothing will impede her when she want something.
  • Inspirationally Disadvantaged: Suffers from Temporal Dysplasia which destroys her sense of time passing, as well as limited emotional range. It also allows her to effectively stitch without any serious side effects and solve crime.
  • No Social Skills:
  • Spy Catsuit:Wears one for modesty sake when Stitching as the alternative is being naked in the middle of a room full of techs.
  • Statuesque Stunner:Emma Ishta is 5"10" and is very beautiful.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Is noticeably more kinder and sociable after the first season finale after stitching into Cameron

Cameron Goodkin (Portrayed by Kyle Harris)

Cameron Goodkin, a brilliant neuroscientist who is part of the Stitchers program. Born under the name Cameron Miller but took his mother's surname when his father was sent to prison for fraud.
  • The Conscience; Notably in episode 4 to be the only to object to invading the privacy of others.
  • Forgotten First Meeting:He had heart valve surgery at a young age leading to his first meeting Kirsten who was visiting her mother at the time.
  • Hot Scientist:A good looking neuroscientist.
  • Mission Control:Acts as one for Kirsten when she's in the fish tank.
  • Non-Idle Rich: Is a trust fund baby.
  • Supreme Chef: has this as a hobby though he subscribes to various cooking magazines to stay current.

Linus Ahluwalia (Portrayed by Ritesh Rajan)

Linus Ahluwalia, a bioelectrical engineer and the technical communications for the Stitchers program.
  • Basement-Dweller:Playing with, as he has a full-time job and sufficient funds to move out on his own but lacks the emotional maturity to do so.
  • Gadgeteer Genius:Primarily responsible for engineering anything the team needs and was responsible for making the suit that Kirsten wears.
  • Voice with an Internet ConnectionThe first to look up new information based on Kirsten observations in the Stich.

Marguerite "Maggie" Baptist (Portrayed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield)

Maggie" Baptiste, a former CIA assassin and the day to day manager of the Stitchers program.
  • Femme Fatale Spy: Worked as one for the CIA before being recruited to manage the Stitcher Program.
  • Rank Up: Was promoted as acting head of the Stitcher's Program.

Camille Engelson (Portrayed by Allison Scagliotti)

Camille Engelson is the roommate of Kirsten and is a talented graduate student of computer science. She is revealed to be a part of the Stitchers Program and was assigned by Maggie to keep an eye on Kirsten.

Detective Quincy Fisher (Portrayed by Damon Dayoub)

Detective Quincy Fisher is an LAPD detective who is first seen investigating Ed Clark's murder before being later recruited into the Stitchers program.
    Stitcher Program 
Other members of the Stitcher Program.

Dr. Ayo (Portrayed by Sola Bamis)

Ayo is the head of the medical department responsible for monitoring the vitals of Kirsten while she is undergoing a stitch.
  • Bridge Bunny:Serves as part of a trio of one, including her, Alex, and, Tim.
  • Hospital Hottie: While not in a hospital, she is an attractive doctor.
  • The Medic: Responsible for patching any minor injuries for the program.

Alex (Portrayed by Ross Kurt Le)

Alex is a member of the Stitcher Program who is responsible for monitoring the "Sub-Bio" readings of the deceased sample while Kirsten is undergoing a stitch.

Leslie Turner (Portrayed by Oded Fehr)

Leslie Turner , the shadowy head of the Stitchers Program, has a sinister vested purpose in Kirstin.


Ed Clark (Portrayed by Hugo Armstrong)

Ed Clark, Kirsten's non-biological father and Guardian when she was left to him by her father. He is found dead at the start of the series from unknown causes which kickstarts the series.
  • The Confidant: Served as one to Kirstin's father.
  • Old Friend:Was an old friend and colleague of Kirstin's father and was trusted enough that he left her in his care.
  • Parental Substitute:Served as one for Kirstin
  • Secret Keeper:He held a lot secrets, especially regarding Kirstin's father and apparently about the Stitcher Program.

Liam (Portrayed by Jack Turner)

Liam, Kirsten's boyfriend ex-boyfriend and was under orders to observe and spy on her.

Nina (Portrayed by Jasmin Savoy Brown)

Nina, Cameron's Girlfriend for season 2.

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