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Heartwarming / Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 07 E 25 E 26 What You Leave Behind

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The episode has a few:

  • The Founder is adamant over a Bolivian Army Ending to force Cardassia and the Federation to suffer a severe Pyrrhic Victory - until Odo melds with her. Note the expression on her face after it's done, as if a quadrillion tons are taken off her, and her joy that Odo will return to the Link. She stated earlier that that was her number one goal, and everything — everything — was subsidiary. She wasn't exaggerating, even to the point of accepting a possible capital punishment. (Fridge Heartwarming is that she - and the Link - will know of his love for Kira.)
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  • The Female Changling telling Weyoun he's the only solid she's ever trusted. For a Vorta, that's like God personally beatifying you.
  • Quark and Odo's final parting.
    Quark: A-ha, I knew it! When I saw the two of you slip out, I said to myself, that no-good, misanthropic, cantankerous changeling is trying to sneak off the station without anyone noticing.
    Odo: That was the idea.
    Quark: Well, it's not gonna happen, is it?
    Odo: Apparently not.
    Quark: So - now that I'm here... is there something you want to say to me?
    Odo: Such as?
    Quark: Such as... "Goodbye. You certainly were a worthy adversary." Or maybe something with the words "mutual respect" in it.
    Odo: No.
    Quark: No? What do you mean, no?
    Odo: I mean, no. I have nothing I want to say to you.
    Quark: You telling me that after all these years, after all we've been through, you're not even gonna say goodbye to me?
    Odo: That's right. Nerys, I'll be on the runabout.
    (Odo glares at Quark and gives a haughty, "HMPH.")
    Kira: Don't take it hard, Quark.
    Quark: Hard? What're you talking about? That man loves me! Couldn't you see? It was written all over his back. (He lifts his drink to toast Odo.)note 
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  • Worf becoming the Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Martok laughs, quite pleased at having an ambassador he can go targ-hunting with.
  • Julian taking Ezri to do a holosim of The Battle of Thermopylae, since The Alamo was his and Miles' "thing". Ezri ponders Julian's psychological fix on annihilation fantasies, but definitely agrees to hold off the Persians.
  • On the Founders' homeworld, also serving as a Tear Jerker, Kira and Odo say their final farewells and share one last kiss. Before making his way to save his kind, Odo shifts into a sharp suit.
    Odo: You always said I looked good in a tuxedo.
  • Captain Sisko left one last gift for Nog before he left to join the Prophets; a promotion to lieutenant!
  • Finally:
    Quark: It's like I said: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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