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Heartwarming / Souls Art Online

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  • Chapter 5: Kirito is faced with the dilemma of choosing whether or not to give up his only spare unit of Humanity when he finds himself back in the Asylum to a Hollow of a little girl he meets. This is after learning of how precious it had become, and he hadn't met her before, but he still does so.
    • In the chapters after that, he's faced with a Zerg Rush of Hollows to contend against. He has the option of using a Homeward Bone to escape, the five newbies don't. He still completes his quest to reunite the five of them by Chapter 8.
  • Chapter 10: Harakon, a Hollowed player, ends up in the maw of the Gaping Dragon. Kirito has the option of claiming a Twin Humanity, which is rare, or saving him. He chooses the latter, enabling him to return the favor by summoning Solaire of Astora, who helps him net him the Twin Humanity and escape the trap.
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  • Chapter 17: Kirito feels isolated from his guild while they celebrate, having become human so that they could get the loot while the rest were hollows, so he couldn't hear their cheers and celebration. Cue them mobbing him with hugs and high-fives.
  • Chapter 22: Kirito kills himself to return back to his Hollow state, after Kingseeker decided to restore the clearing members to human form for lighting a bonfire, so that his covenant members would calm down after they had been attacked by Darkwraiths. The rest do the same without question.
    Valor: You go, we follow, Herald.
  • Chapter 23: The initial rift between the Way of White and Warriors of Sunlight are mended somewhat, giving them a chance to proceed through the game together. Still a lot of work to be done, but its a start.
  • Chapter 41: The Warriors of Sunlight and Way of the White raiding the sewers together after several chapters of harsh tension. They've put aside their differences and are stronger to show for it.
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  • Chapter 42: Silica's shade, after being given sentience by King Seeker, asks Kirito was going on:
    Silica: "Yeah! You saved me, saved all of us-why wouldn't I?"
  • Final Chapter: All the players that died are resurrected, with the exception of those who had their plugs pulled. Those are then sent to a virtual paradise. Kayaba also gives Kirito access to all his funds to help with the rehabilitation.

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