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Heartwarming / Six of Crows

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  • While the "bitter" part of the Bittersweet Ending is very bitter, the "sweet" part is very sweet. Highlights include:
    • Kaz reaching out to hold Inej's hand, with his bare one, for the first time. Inej went to talk to him completely expecting to find him retreated into his armor; instead she gets a sign that he hasn't reversed his Character Development. They even agree that they'll take out crime (well, the the worst crime) together.
    • Wylan taking control of his father's merchant kingdom and bringing his mother home. People have reported seeing them taking walks, going on boat rides, or painting together.
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    • Kaz buying Inej a ship for her slaver hunt, then revealing he also found her parents. Inej actually cries from joy at seeing them again.
  • This troper always found the talk between Wylan and Kaz during their break in at the Van Eck residency to be very touching. Wylan, who's always thought less of himself due to his jerkass father, gets told that it doesn’t matter if he can read, as long as he plays to his own unique strengths. That it’s told by Kaz (who almost never shows much compassion) makes it sweeter.


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