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Pre Crooked Kingdom

Wylan's mother is still alive.
Such incredible lengths were gone to to prove Jordie was dead that it seems odd they'd just leave her off the hook.
  • Confirmed in Crooked Kingdom.

Someone's parents will show up.
Kaz's and Matthias's are dead, and we know Wylan's father will be around like the villain he is, but what about Jesper's, Inej's, and Nina's?
  • In addition, Jesper and Inej have unresolved issues with them both. Jesper has been leaching funds off his family to support his gambling habits, and Inej is not sure that her parents will forgive her for what she's done to survive. Jesper even knows where his parents are and has contact with them.
    • Confirmed, more or less. Jesper's father is an important supporting character. His mother is dead, though. Inej's parents make a brief but significant appearance (courtesy of Kaz) in the last pages of the book

An Alfie Solomon will show up.
We already have a Tommy Shelby in the form of Kaz, and a Billy Kimber in the form of Pekka Rollins. So what do we need now? Another gang, with a colorful, mildly insane, very calculating leader will show up- possibly with a foreign origin to expand the Grishaverse. Kaz will have to decide wether to side with them or not, and how to keep them from betraying the Dregs.
  • This gang leader has a high chance of being female, simply because all of Leigh Bardugo's works so far have featured a varied cast of female characters and currently the only women in Six of Crows are Inej, Nina, and Tante Heleen.
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  • Jossed, Kaz and Pekka are the only important gang leaders in the story.

Matthias will die.
Word of God has already said they won't all make it out of there alive. Matthias makes by far the most sense. He has the most completed story arc—he's defected from Fjerda, fallen in love with Nina, and gotten a wider view of the world—and as his original purpose was as The Inside Man in the Ice Court, there isn't all that much left for him to do. He's also the only character that strikes all the boxes of being a white, straight, able-bodied man, so he would have the least Unfortunate Implications.
  • It's unlikely Jesper or Wylan will be killed off, as Word Of God has mentioned several times her dislike of the Bury Your Gays trope.
  • Killing off Inej to give Kaz angst would be about the most cliche, sexist plot twist in existence. And as a now kidnapped former sex slave, Inej has already been through the gauntlet. In addition, she has firm goals (more so than pretty much anyone else), and therefor momentum to keep her story going.
  • Nina has already figuratively "died" over taking the Jurda Parem.
  • Kaz is the main character, so killing him off would be very gutsy.
  • Confirmed. Matthias is fatally shot by an angry young Drüskelle who regards him as a traitor.

The Dregs will be villains for the Crows.
  • Confirmed

Ketterdam will be described in greater detail. We'll learn more about different gangs that run it.
  • Confirmed

Shu Han, and possibly Novyi Zem, will be explored in greater detail and be central to the plot.
  • Jossed, Shu Han and Novyi Zem only have small roles in the plot.

Although the duology is finished, there will be more books featuring at least some of the Crows.

Post Crooked Kingdom

The Duology is an Superhero Origin Story.

The entire duology is an origin story for The Wraith, a Daredevil-esque vigilante who hunts and kills slavers while dealing with her PTSD and religious guilt.

  • There's also her doomed past love who's become a violent, urban vigilante of his own, the Bastard of the Barrel.
  • Not to mention her ally, the Lady of Mourning.


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