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Heartwarming / Rose Of Pollux

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  • Just seeing the Eleventh Doctor interacting with babies and small children is always heartwarming. When the baby he's interacting with is a very young Jamie in Great Things? Priceless.
  • The note Jamie writes to the Doctor during ''A Lifetime Away'', which takes place on the first Christmas Jamie has after losing his family and starting traveling with the Doctor:
    Thank you fer bringing me too the citi
    I din think I wood be happy on krismis but I am
    Thank you for making me happy.
    Happy krismis
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  • This exchange from Metamorphosis:
    Jamie: I knew if I was the Piper, I’d be something, and he knew it, too. …Och, but it doesnae matter now, does it? I’m nothing again.
    The Doctor: “Jamie, you are everything to me.”
  • From Part Five of You and I, when the Doctor realizes that Jamie is still alive, his reaction will evoke an 'aww' from anyone reading.

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