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In a story which is essentially about how much all the characters love one another in their different ways, it's not surprising that some hearts get warmed.

Heartwarming moments include

  • When Twilight Sparkle demonstrates in interior monologue that she really does respect her adoptive baby brother Spike:
    Twilight's eyes misted slightly as she recognized the attitude. It was her own, the ethos of a young member of the elite scholar-gentry of Canterlot. It was the culture she had absorbed as a small filly from her parents and her big brother, and now Spike had learned the same lessons from her. Be smart. Be honorable. Be diligent. Never let your family down. It made her so proud to see the wonderful stallion — well, drake, to be precise — that her little brother was becoming, that she felt as if she might cry from happiness.
    "I know you won't," she said softly, hoping that she had successfully concealed her emotion. Expressions of strong emotions embarrassed her, even when her little brother was her only audience.

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