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Heartwarming / Queen of Thieves

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    "Becoming the Gilded Poppy" 
  • Nikolai and Remy forming a bond with Marguerite the baker after she showed them kindness. As seen in Nikolai's first season, that bond would continue into the present day.
  • Remy and Nikolai finding contentment in their lives together on the street.
    One such time I fall fully asleep, Niko's bony shoulder beneath my cheek.
    Remy: (I'm exhausted. I'm hungry. And I'm still the happiest I've been in so long.)
  • When Vivienne tries skipping out on Nikolai and Remy with the necklace they'd stolen, she runs into them, and they make it clear that they won't keep her against her will; they take out the earrings that go with the necklace, which she had torn their place apart looking for, and press them into her palm.
    Nikolai: Take it. They belong together. As a set.
    Remy: It's no good only having half.
    They give me the rest of what we stole together on that night. Two earrings with gemstones like a drop of blood.
    They give me something that I desperately needed. Something my soul ached for, even if I didn't have a name for it until now.
    (Freedom to leave. Nothing chaining me to them.)
    (And therefore, freedom to stay.)