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Heartwarming / Villainous Nights

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Unmarked spoilers

    Duke's route 

    Andi's route 
  • In the season 5 episode 3 heart scene, after Renzei expresses his grief over what Optimus did to him and his family, Andi hugs him fiercely. He's surprised at first, then hugs her back just as tightly. He remarks, "You know, you're the exact same height as my little sister." Then Monarch joins in, and they all embrace each other with everything they can muster.
    Monarch: You have us now. And you'll always have us.
    Renzei: I know.
    • Renzei returning Andi's hug is especially moving after Monarch observed in the previous episode that Andi wanted to hug him after learning about his situation, but was afraid he wouldn't want one.
  • As Lorelei tells her story, Renzei puts his hand over hers in support and she squeezes it tightly.

    Renzei's route 
  • After Renzei is welcomed back into the Syndicate, as the others are walking past him out of the lair, Andi darts in to give him a quick hug, leaving him standing there in Stunned Silence as she leaves.

    Lorelei's route 


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