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Tear Jerker / Queen of Thieves

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    Nikolai's Route 
  • Nikolai waking up from his nightmare in his first season, terrified for Elizabeth and unable to calm down until he can hold her in his arms and be sure that she's safe.
    • Nikolai's quiet description of his nightmare, and the heroine's horrified realization that he's talking about something that actually happened to him:
      Nikolai: I'm a boy again. I'm running through the forest, trying to get away.
      Elizabeth is in my arms - and everyone behind us is dead.
      I might be next. My stomach is in agony. But I can't stop running, because if I do, we won't escape.
      But I know I can't run forever. I know the terror will exhaust me.
      I know we're alone, and there's nowhere to go.
    • Nikolai remarks on Elizabeth purring next to him as his body calms down from the nightmare.
      Nikolai: The frequency of a cat's purr promotes bone growth. She always treats me like I'm injured, after these dreams. Strange little thing. Without her, I…I don't know. I genuinely don't know.

    Vivienne's Route 
  • In season 2, the heroine realizing that Vivienne intended her to replace her in the Poppy. She struggles to process that, getting worked up and trying to understand "Why? " Vivienne confesses her insecurities about how she sees herself.
    Vivienne: How to explain it in a way you'll understand? You're so straight forward. It's very American of you.
    MC: [emotional] I—
    Vivienne: I love them.
    MC: [silences]
    Vivienne: I love the Poppy so much. They have their secrets. Of course they do. But they aren't like me. Not even Remy. Not really.
    Unexpectedly, Vivienne laughs.
    Vivienne: And Zoe least of all! What you see is exactly what you get, with her. She's never been anyone but herself.
    That's why she's my favorite.

    Remy's Route 
  • At the end of Remy's first season, Remy turns himself in to the police to ensure that the heroine and the rest of the Gilded Poppy won't be arrested, claiming that he's not good at being noble but the heroine doesn't deserve to go to prison. Before he leaves, he gives her his special franc, gently rebuffing her protests by telling her he wants her to have a token to remember him by.
    Remy: Enjoy the film. Have a safe trip home. Remember your Remy, when it pleases you.
    Because he'll never forget you, ma reveuse.

    Zoe's Route 

    Jett's Route 

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