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Unmarked spoilers ahead.

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    Nikolai's Route 
  • Season 2 kicks off with Nikolai and the heroine working together to arm Nikolai and get to safety. When Gerard mocks the choice of weapon, asking Nikolai if he intends to kill him with a fencing sword, Nikolai responds by ramming it into the floor, snapping off the tip to produce a sharp edge.

    Vivienne's Route 
  • The climax of season 1, when everything falls into place, is very satisfying, especially with the accompanying soundtrack. The heroine goes to Celine's place to apologize for trying to con her earlier, but Celine sees through her and says she's obviously playing distraction. She turns to talk to one of her servants, then tells the heroine that the Poppy won't find the necklace because she's keeping it with her, reaching into her purse to pull out… a coral poppy.
    MC: [smirking] Hmmm. Weird. You shouldn't keep super valuable stuff in your purse, you know.
    Reclining back in my chair a little, I draw the necklace out of my pocket. It glitters in the light, a million stars in the palm of my hand.
    Celine: When…how…!
    MC: Pretty much the second you turned your back on me to talk to your butler. […] You were right that I'm still working with the Gilded Poppy, though we weren't going to go after the necklace first. See, I'm the distraction. Right now every other property you own is being pilfered from roof to basement.
    Celine: [shooting to her feet] Security! Someone help! Someone, anyone, come quickly!
    Not tearing her eyes from me, she grabs her cellphone and dials a number. I don't stop her, watching curiously. It rings and rings and rings, and finally the line goes dead.
    MC: (Going to have difficulty getting any signal here with Zoe blocking it all.)
    The doors are thrown open, sharp men's shoes clicking on the marble floor. Celine turns to them in relief, only to freeze when she sees Remy and Nikolai instead.
Remy informs Celine that her security is "a little tied up" at the moment and she pales. Then the heroine gives her a parting shot, and with Nikolai and Remy flanking her, waltzes right out of the place.
  • The heroine finding the Poppy again in season 2. She figures out their probable target and gets there first. Then Vivienne happens to arrive right then, getting a huge shock at the sight, and the heroine turns her favored word back on her.
    MC: Were you looking for this…
    I hold up the brooch as if offering it to her, a sweet smile on my face.
    MC: …Darling?

    Remy's Route 
  • The film they're trying to steal is in Parker's bedroom on his yacht, in a canister they don't have the time or resources to open on the spot, which is bolted to the furniture, which is bolted to the floor. So what's the solution they go with, as proposed by the heroine? Hijack the whole yacht, throwing Parker himself overboard.

    Zoe's Route 

    Jett's Route 

    Leon's Route 

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