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Heartwarming / Pony POV Series Chaos Verse

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  • Discord sees Epilogue Twilight still has hope in the stars, snapping him out of his BSOD, and wishing her the best.
  • Discord saves Fluttercruel as his first act as The Atoner, admitting that despite no longer being one of a kind in chaos, perhaps it's for the best and maybe he was lonely.
  • Discord shows Fluttercruel both the Epilogue and Reharmonized timelines, revealing the worst and best she could be, before both of them promising to help each other through whatever the future has in store for them.
  • Chaotic father and daughter bonding over making constellations.
    • Speaking of which, one of the constellations is based on Twilight Tragedy — it's touching to see Discord creating a tribute to the one he owes so much too.
  • The emeralds of rebirth reappear in this white space: a perfect symbol of the rebirth of Discord and Fluttercruel.
  • In one of the Truth timelines, we see a continuation of the Shady: Lines of Fate timeline, where Discord (disguised as a pony) goes to cheer up Pinkie Pie when she got all mopey about being called adopted.
  • Discord comforting Construct!Twilight, telling her that even if she is a chaos construct, she's still just as real as the original Twilight.
  • The constructs demonstrating their Undying Loyalty to Discord and Fluttercruel — the majority allow themselves to be reabsorbed to give them the strength to fight Nightmare Phobia, while the Mane Six stand by their side and fight against her. And this is after Discord offers to set up a safe haven for them during the fight.
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  • Discord rejoicing as he finally sees Twilight Tragedy redeem herself. It's just so sweet that he'd feel that strong about seeing the world he would never create be redeemed.
  • The fact that the constructs of the Mane Six watched over Fluttercruel during the Final Battle, refusing to move on to Pony Heaven until they're sure Nightmare Phobia is dead.
  • Luna arranging for Fluttercruel to meet Fluttershy again in another dream and ensuring that Fluttershy will remember afterwards. And more importantly, Fluttershy accepting Fluttercruel as her daughter.
    • Don't forget HOW that happened. Discord is offered a gift as a reward for saving the world by Celestia and Luna (within reason, he's still serving time). What does he choose? For Fluttercruel to be free.

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