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  • Dave rescued an armful of tiny birds from Cassandra's tower while it was collapsing. He kept one, while the Mayortender and Madette/Fishwhiskers got the others.
  • Not necessarily a moment, but Riverton now canonically being full of construct refugees is fairly heartwarming, if only because they’re so damn adorable - and they're helping to rebuild the town!
  • The entire party diverting from their main quest to go and rescue Team Pet Gillhelm when he’s carried off by killer crows.
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  • The party using a wish from their Djinn’s jar to save Nesander, a guy they had literally just defeated in battle, from a vengeful Outsider.
  • Dave passed buying a very, very angry hawk from a pet shop merchant, before feeling too bad for it and went back to add it to his menagerie. It hangs out on his shoulder.
  • Dave’s menagerie in general.
  • The baby Treant that got saved by the party, particularly Dave, showed its gratitude when Thyra cast Plant Speak on it by giving Dave a pendant of sap that boosts his AC considerably.
  • Thyra often offers to conduct funerals or at least say some words when they encounter an NPC they couldn't save - she really does care about what happens to them and their loved ones.
  • In the B-Team's beach festival session, the previously stoic Rokou takes off her mask for the first time upon being told the group was there purely to have fun, to reveal a happy smile and a sense of utter delight at discovering everything the festival had to offer - cool new weapons, ice cream, and a sandcastle competition they ultimately won.

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