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  • Apollyon’s many, many attempts to create a golem
  • Apollyon melting a potato he was attempting to sculpt into a gift
  • Apollyon’s horse being called Freddy Mercury
  • Apollyon getting stoned on Mugwort in an ill-conceived attempt to blend into the den of a lizard man.
  • Just… Apollyon in general, mostly because he doesn’t mean to be.
  • The number of puzzles that have been solved or tried to be solved by having Dave thrown bodily across a room.
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  • Thyra trying to use the Holy Might of Thor, Sailor Moon style, and setting an ally NPC on fire.
  • Sigmund and the PATHCO official slogan, changing weekly.
  • The party being given a rare and powerful Djinn’s lamp, with three uses, and using one immediately, as they didn’t realise what it was
  • Upon having to communicate with a new NPC, Sigmund attempts to jostle Dave forwards to talk to them, at the same time as Dave attempting the same thing and they both end up standing at the front.
  • Sigmund attempting to dance with the Buckheart elder who wanted the baby deer dead, in order to try and distract her (and then dropping her by accident).
  • While it was Tilda’s Crowning Moment of Awesome, the Boat Incident in the second half of the Scumport module was an epic failure for Sigmund. He not only utterly failed to be helpful but had to be rescued by a Halfling woman less than half his size.

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