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Heartwarming / O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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  • The scene where the boys discuss what each of them is going to do once they dig up the money.
  • The entire scene where both Pete and Delmar get baptized.
  • "I want to be what you want me to be, honey..."
  • During the travel montage, Everett and and Pete steal a pie from a windowsill. Delmar sneaks up and sets money on the window, weighing it down with a rock so it won't fly off before running after his companions.
  • The boys risking their lives to try and save Tommy from the lynching.
  • Everett's (semi) final prayer. "Please Lord, I just want to see my daughters again."
  • The fact that even after being told that Delmar and Everett have abandoned him, the first thing that Pete does when he gets a chance to talk to them is to warn them about the trap the police set for them.
    • And Everett immediately forgives Pete for spilling his guts about the treasure to the police, with Pete embracing him and Delmar as true friends (though YMMV, as Everett reveals there was no treasure, and Pete attacks him soon after).
  • Though he pardons the boys specifically to help his own reelection campaign, Pappy tells Everett, "Son, you're gonna go far," with a genuine kind smile.