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Awesome / O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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  • The performance of "Man of Constant Sorrow" at the Stokes campaign dinner.
    • Pappy O'Daniels also gets one here for turning around his disastrous gubernatorial election in a single night, simply by dancing on stage and winning the crowd over. At his opponent's campaign dinner, no less. He's a mean old man, but he's better than the alternative.
    • He also subtly strong-arms them into accepting his terms, since he just granted them a pardon in exchange for their endorsement — and in full view of the public, no less!
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  • The KKK rally sequence ends with a CMoA hat trick — Delmar for stopping the mob by throwing the Confederate flag like a javelin, Big Dan actually catching it milliseconds before it hits him, and the boys dropping the burning cross on him.
  • As they face certain hanging at the hands of Sheriff Cooley and his goons, Everett kneels and gives a heartfelt prayer for salvation, not just for himself but for his friends and family... and the earth shakes as a wave possibly sent by GOD HIMSELF wipes out the corrupt police, but spares Everett and the Soggy Bottom Boys.