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Heartwarming / NCIS: New Orleans

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    Season 1 
  • Pride comforts the widow of a Navy officer in "Watch Over Me" when she tells him that they were in the midst of getting a potential divorce. This reminds him of the separation he and his wife are going through.
  • Loretta in "Chasing Ghosts" dedicated her time to clear the cold case that involved the murder of a Jewish Navy officer in New Orleans despite overwhelming odds against her.
  • A flashback during "You'll Do" shows Christopher and Cade hanging out as teenagers just hanging out and talking while playing with Cade's dog. In the present, Cade says that that was his favorite summer because of how happy he was (it was also just before Cade began displaying symptoms of Bipolar Disorder). It was also the summer when Christopher fell in love with Savannah and declared that he would marry her someday.
    Season 2 
  • Funny and heartwarming at the same time, at the end of "Father's Day", when Pride returns after he and Hamilton had been kidnapped, a wild Sebastian appears, jumps and gives Pride a hug, and calls him "Dad!"
  • In "The Third Man", Pride is helping a marine with PTSD remember information to solve a case. On the side, Pride and Patton are looking for someone to help manage the bar. Pride hires the marine for the job.
    Season 3 
  • At the ending of "Poetic Justice", the team shows up to start cleaning and repairing Pride's bar.
  • Sebastian's supposed Drill Sergeant Nasty actually giving him some sincere words of encouragement.
  • The team's collective Berserk Button reaction to Sebastian being kidnapped.
    Season 4 
  • The ending of "Empathy": Dwayne calls his mother to play her "Love You Forever" in French on the piano at the bar. Though she can't quite remember who he is (given Dwayne's slight sadness when she innocently asks), she's still able to accompany his piece in harmony.
    Season 5 

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