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Heartwarming / Monster Allergy

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  • In "The Ancient Armory", Zick gets a reunion with his father, Zob.
  • Elena finally getting the chance to see her monster pals in "The Devourer" to the point where she goes into a group hug with them.
    • What's even more heartwarming is that the part where she tries to touch hands with Zick's ghostly grandfather only to see it phases through her. Cue Tears of Joy from her.
  • Elena gets a reunion with Bombolo in "A Kingdom for Bombolo".
  • In "Moog's Revenge", Zick writes a love letter for Elena. Unfortunately for him, Bombolo ate it before Elena can read it.
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  • The Distant Finale of the comic book.
  • In the second issue of Monster Allergy: Evolution, Bombo coming back to life from his Heroic Sacrifice.

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