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Heartwarming / Lord of the Flies

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  • Ralph's flashbacks to his life in England with the ponies are considered especially adorable by some.
  • Simon attempts to reassure a discouraged and frightened Ralph, saying repeatedly, "You'll get home all right."
  • Basically any time Piggy is shown any sign of kindness.
    • Particularly Simon offering Piggy meat when Jack refuses to give him any.
    • Jack witnessing this and angrily throwing Simon another helping, because he only wanted to prove a point.
    • After Ralph splashes Piggy and he splashes back Ralph becomes proud of Piggy for being assertive.
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    • Ralph and the twins later go to retrieve his stolen glasses from Jack and his gang.
  • When they see Ralph the night before Jack and his tribe hunt for him, Samneric don't alert the other boys, and give Ralph a heads-up that Jack is going to try and kill him. Unfortunately, the warning doesn't do him much good, and Ralph probably would've died anyway if the naval officer hadn't shown up, but still — they tried. It's nice to see that there are at least some boys who, like Ralph, didn't completely lose touch with their sense of decency.

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