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Tear Jerker / Lord of the Flies

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  • Piggy's death. It's made worse by the fact that Piggy had been bullied and beaten ever since he landed on the island, and the only thing he ever wanted was to be rescued, which he was not. He also never stood up to Jack, which he had been planning to do.
  • Simon's death. He and Piggy were two of Ralph's most loyal allies on the island, and Simon was the first to go. If he hadn't tried to immediately warn the boys about what the beast really was in the midst of the storm and chanting chaos, he wouldn't have been mistaken for the monster itself.
    • Even worse, all the boys participated in his death. Not just sadists like Jack and Roger, but the littluns, Samneric, even Piggy and Ralph. No one is safe from the hysteria, and everyone's got blood on their hands afterwards.
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    • Sadder still, Samneric, Piggy, and Ralph all discuss Simon's death, and desperately try to convince themselves it wasn't their fault, eventually deciding that they left the "party" early, before anything bad happened. It doesn't come off as a bunch of cowardly hypocrites deflecting blame; it comes off as a bunch of frightened children breaking under the pressure of an impossible situation, and desperately trying to avoid the knowledge of what they've done because that'll break them even further.
  • At the end of the book/film, we see one of the littlun's—Percival—who had made a big deal out reciting his name and address at the beginning of the boys' stay on the island, finally approach someone who can help him— the naval officer who comes to rescue them. However, because of the disorganization and neglect on the island, Percival has forgotten his name and can only look up and mouth wordlessly at the man.
    • Even sadder is Ralph's crying. Despite surviving, he is completely broken by his experiences, his lost innocence, and the murders of Simon and Piggy.

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