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Heartwarming / The Lost Fleet

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  • Michael Geary, who's lived in the shadow of 'Black Jack's' legend all his life and is bitter about it, saying to the real John Geary; "Tell [my sister] I didn't hate you anymore."
  • When Benan finds out about Rione and Geary's affair the latter's first question is "Are you in danger?" Rione stares. The idea that Benan would EVER harm or threaten her is clearly so alien that she can barely process it.
  • Geary explaining to Commander Benan why he let Rione go:
    "She didn't love me. She never loved me. The only man she loves enough to give everything for is you." —
    • Benan is reduced to tears afterwards.
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  • The reason the Dancers are so insistent on going to Kansas on Old Earth? To return the perfectly preserved remains of an astronaut who participated in Project Long Jump, a long ago set of tests with prototype jumpdrives, and who died whilst still inside jumpspace.
  • When Geary calls Desjani to talk about the Bad Dreams that he's having, it's made clear that she would've stayed up all night to comfort him if she had to.

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