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Heartwarming / Lady and the Tramp (2019)

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  • A movie about dogs is bound to be cute:
  • After getting the muzzle off, Lady lands on Tramp's chest, they both sighed and looked at each other for a few seconds.
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  • As to be expected, the "Bella Notte" sequence is just as charming and as romantic as the animated moment.
  • Tramp trying to teach Lady how to howl.
  • Lady being introduced to Lulu after her ordeal that led to her being taken to the pound. Just how both she and the baby immediately come to love each other, with Lady licking her foot and Lulu giggling. Most of all Lady realizing that she still is loved and a part of the family. As she summarizes to Jock and Trusty...
    Lady: (regarding Jim Dear and Darling) No, I'm not the center of their world any more. But our world is bigger now, we have Lulu.
  • Peg and Bull being adopted by the butcher.
  • Jim Dear and Darling and their interactions with Tramp, as they pet him and thank him for saving Lulu. Aside from Tony, they are probably the first human beings to show him affection and kindness in a long time.
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  • The ending at Christmas with Tramp officially becoming part of the family with his own collar and tag, and all five of them, the dogs and the humans, gathering together in a final cozy image on the couch as Darling sings "Peace on Earth."
  • On a meta level, all of the dogs in this film were rescues, and after shooting wrapped up on the movie, were given proper, loving homes.
  • The mere fact that in this iteration, Jim Dear and Darling are an interracial couple. In 1909.


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