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  • At the end of Makoto's arc Amano asks Yuuichi what he would wish for; Yuuichi declares it obvious and then an Imagine Spot later and we see Makoto napping on the hill where she and Yuuichi first met in the spring.
  • At the European themed Ball Mai sees demons attacking, she goes off the deep end after seeing Sayuri hurt and wildly swings her sword in the middle of a crowd of people. Cue to the next day and Kitagawa, in order to help his friend Yuuichi, declares to the student council that he set the whole thing up as an exhibition.
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  • Mai's Zoo.
  • The personification of Mai's demons telling Yuuichi why she has protected the school and the field that was there before. Because that was where Mai and Yuuichi first played together as children.
  • Kaori finally acknowledges Shiori as her sister.
  • Yuuichi and Shiori’s reunion after her supposed death. In fact they’re so happy that Shiori ends up pressing Yuuichi onto the ground with her hug.
  • Yuuichi's message to Nayuki at the end of her route, left on her programmable alarm clock.
    I can't make miracles happen...
    But I can be by your side.
    I promise.
    I'll be there to comfort you in sad times.
    I'll be there to smile with you in happy times.
    Even in the blanket of white snow from winter...
    Or in the fluttering sakura petals from spring...
    Perhaps in the quiet summer...
    And certainly when waking up surrounded by the leaves of autumn...
    Then, when the snow falls again...
    I'll still, and always will be, here for you.
    I won't leave you.
    It seems I love you, Nayuki.

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