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Heartwarming / Jewelpet Twinkle

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  • Episode 30, which is about Akari's mother's birthday. Akari's mother realizes how much Akari's been suffering because of her giving more attention to Monika, and tells her she loves her just as much. Earlier, she had told Ruby that when she's tired, she looks at pictures of baby Akari to cheer herself up. Akari flashed back to the events of those pictures and realizes that her mother really does love her. The emotion of these scenes also makes them big contenders for Tear Jerkers.
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  • Episode 33, Falsely believing that Yuuma likes Monika better (due to her perceived superiority over Akari) and her despair over that causing her to unable to cast magic, with Ruby's help she managed to sneak into the studio where Monika filmed her first drama. After some personal conversation with her sister, Akari realize that Monika actually thinks herself as far from perfect and only through sheer and tiring efforts Monika become what she is today. After that and more or less able to say something to Yuuma, she finally regained her confidence and got her magical power restored. The opening song (Happy☆Tinkle) that plays in it's full glory during Akari's recovery scene certainly helps.
  • Episode 39 is chock full of it, from Akari and Yuuma having fun together on his birthday to Yuuma meeting Opal and seeing memories of Alma and Fealina.
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  • The ending: Akari is the new holder of the Jewel Star title and managed to turn Alma good again and reunite her with her family after many tribulations.

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