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Tear Jerker / Jewelpet Twinkle

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  • Episode 28. Miria almost abandons her dream of being a singer, causing Garnet and Sango to become sick with fever and collapse. After some flashbacks of the times Miria spent with them while her mother was away, Miria realizes her grave mistake and decides to chase her dream again. And then she sings a beautiful song to help Garnet and Sango get better.
  • Episode 30. After Akari's attempt to bring hand-drawn manga for her mother's birthday got interrupted by a phone call for Monika's photo-session, she broke to tears and run away, believing that her mother love Monika only and she was The Unfavorite. Only after Ruby and Labra brought Akari's childhood photos (which Marie always brought up with her) and Marie's own effort to convince Akari otherwise that they finally reconcicles.
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  • Episode 37. Alma breaks in tears when she learns the truth from Akari. Despite all of that, she still rejected it and unlocked the Battest just for the sake of reviving her mother. She got a serious breakdown plus triggered The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Episode 50, Alma breaking down when Diana (the only one in the whole world that she considered her friend, after seeing other people she trusted drift away from her) sacrifices herself to save her from the Battest.

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