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Heartwarming / Happiest Season

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  • After Abby confessed to John that she thinks she wants to leave but can't afford a fare out of the city, John after thinking it over for a day drives all the way out to Harper's family's house to come rescue her.
  • John's speech to Abby, defending Harper for being afraid and reminding Abby of how fortunate she was to have accepting parents, is quite heartfelt and real, especially coming from a comic-relief character.
  • Sloane apologizing to Harper for outing her as the three sisters share a real moment of bonding for possibly the first time in many years.
    • It's subtle, but the fact that Sloane chose that moment after Harper's confession to confess herself that she and Eric are getting a divorce was at least partially to take some of the tension off of Harper.
    • Harper also apologizes to Jane for having destroyed her painting, and both she and Sloane tell her that it was beautiful. Jane's reaction shows just how much the apology and compliment mean to her, since she's so used to being ignored.
  • While Ted initially didn't react well to Harper coming out, Tipper shows herself to be supportive to the latter. She talks to Ted in order to convince him to accept Harper.
    • In the next morning, when the family reunited soon after waking up (minus Ted, who slept for a few more minutes), Tipper asks Harper and Abby, who impliedly shared the same room that night, if they slept well.
  • Ted's heart-to-heart with the girls that following morning:
    Ted: I have sunk almost all of our savings into this campaign. Because I thought, if I won... you'd all be really proud of me.
    Harper: We're already proud of you.
    Sloane: We don't care if you win.
    Jane: Yeah. And the money doesn't matter. When I sell my book, I'll take care of all of us.
    Ted: I love you girls. And I'm sorry for making you think that anything could ever get in the way of that. I want to do better, and it will take time, but all I want for you is to find the same joy and happiness that you have given me, no matter where it comes from.
    (everyone exchanges in a group hug)
  • Shortly afterwards, Ted gets a call from the donor he's been trying to impress all movie, who promises to endorse Ted for mayor but only if Harper adopts a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy about her sexuality. Having finally realized how much his daughter has suffered for having to hide who she is all her life, Ted turns the offer down and tells his wife they'll manage somehow.
  • Everyone in the family getting ready to take the big family photo at the end. With Abby standing off to the side like all their other attempts, until...
    Tipper: Abby, what are you doing way over there? Get in here!
  • John and Jane are shown to be bonding at the end of the movie, with John not only listening to Jane's pitch about her book, but actually relating her details with the lore that she's explained thus far.
    • One year later, Jane has actually gotten her book published with John's help, and has become so successful that she attends live readings and book signings. Her family even attends one to show how proud they are of her, making up for years of Jane feeling like the neglected child.
  • The end sequence makes it clear that Harper's family has completely accepted Abby as one of their own. On top of that, Abby has finally proposed to Harper, and she accepted.
  • The photos from Tipper's Instagram feed during the end credits show several heartwarming moments:
    • Ted winning the mayoral campaign.
    • Photos proudly showing off and celebrating Harper and Abby's love, with the parents and Jane even attending a Gay Pride parade with them. Riley is also there with a girlfriend of her own.
    • Tipper getting her yellow belt, after having confessed to always wanting to pursue karate despite it not being elegant.
    • Sloane and Eric are implied to have divorced amicably with Sloane having primary custody of the children, but Eric is still around to be a part of their lives. He's even still included in the family Christmas photo.
    • John has also effectively been adopted into the family, as indicated by his inclusion in the Christmas photo.