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Heartwarming / Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

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  • Hansel and Gretel's sibling relationship.
    • The scene where Gretel wakes up in bed and finds Hansel passed out on the floor is especially sweet because of how natural it is; she pokes him awake to talk, and he hugs her arm and after groaning at her to go back to sleep, he weirdly rolls over under the bed . She just looks vaguely exasperated, like he likes it under there and it's normal for them. It's a perfect sibling moment.
      • Not to mention, he lets her have the bed and takes the floor, which, sweet.
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    • And then, of course, their entire reunion in their childhood home. And the fact that while Gretel can't quite figure out how to tell her brother that her mother was a witch, which means she's a witch, she's not afraid to tell him. It clearly doesn't cross her mind that he would ever abandon her over it, which he doesn't — hell, it doesn't even faze him. When he finds out about Mina, completely different story, but Gretel? No second guessing, no questions of trust. Sister's a witch, okay, whatever, don't care, I am going to kill every fucking other witch out there to save her.
  • In the Extended Cut, there's a brief scene during the final where they kill Muriel where Hansel and Gretel pause, hold hands and just indulge in standard sibling interactions. It's adorable.

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