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     5x 01 Year Zero 
  • Bruce repeating the words Selena said to him in 4x21, that he's going to be there for her.
  • Barbara calming Tabitha down when she gets angry about trading with Penguin, saying that he will get what's coming to him but they have to prioritize protecting the women seeking shelter with them.
  • Penguin sounds genuinely happy when he's testing out his new leg brace, being able to walk about normally and noting that it "Feels good!". Though it's mitigated by the fact Jim ends up damaging the leg even worse and the flash forward to Day 391 shows that he's back to his original limp, even with the brace on.
  • In an odd way, Penguin giving Barbara the chance to stop the Cycle of Revenge from continuing and letting the Butch/Tabitha thing just end. When Barbara just threatens him in response, he seems sad and a little disappointed at her refusal.
  • After recovering supplies from the downed helicopter, Jim lets Bruce know that if he wants to help out like that again all he has to do is ask, the young man has more than earned his place alongside the GCPD.
    Gordon: Do you regret staying?
    Bruce: No. Do you?
    Gordon: Hell no.
    • You're not just watching a Heartwarming Moment, you're watching the start of a long, wonderful partnership that will strike fear into the many criminals that plague Gotham.

     5x 02 Trespassers 
  • Even though Ivy is still mad at Selina for double-crossing her last season, she still provides Bruce with the medicine needed to restore Selina's spine and her will to live.
    • The nigh-angelic look on Selina's face as she stands unassisted, face tilted up into the light and eyes closed. No matter what Ivy's seed may have done to her as a side effect, she's downright rapturous at regaining her mobility and independence.
  • Despite being mad at him for not killing Penguin, Barbara still shows up to save Gordon's life.
  • Selina reminisces on taking Ivy under her wing and teaching her how to survive and admitting that no matter what Ivy looks like now, Selina will always see her as that little girl.
  • The camp where Bullock and Gordon take the freed children. A nice reminder just why Jim and Bruce will fight to hell and back to keep this city safe.

     5x 03 Penguin, Our Hero 
  • It's a brief moment, but there's something touching about Mr. Penn and the choir singers actually singing something they want to sing once they've made it to Haven. They're clearly relieved they don't have to sing Penguin's praises any more.
    • The choir is named the "Gertrud Kapelput Memorial Choir", showing how dedicated Penguin is to keeping the memory of his mother alive.
  • Entering the Dark Zone, Bruce and Selina realize that this actually used to be the upper class part of town, but now it's been abandoned and left to gangs.
    Bruce: Everyone with money got out.
    Selina: You didn't.
    Bruce: (looks at her) I had a reason to stay.
  • When one of the gang leaders tries to take Mr. Penn as recompense for his guy getting killed, Penguin refuses and takes the other man back.
    • Penguin being upset at Mr. Penn's death, promising to make the guy who shot him pay.
  • When Barbara asks Harvey how his life would've turned out if he hadn't meet Jim Gordon, Harvey honestly responds that he would be dead or wishing he was, showing that for all the trouble that Jim has caused him, Harvey is grateful that they met.
  • After killing the invading gangs, Penguin's dog returns to him and the people of Haven start to genuinely sing his praises.

     5 X 04 Ruin 
  • As weird as it may sound, Jeremiah and Ecco dancing.

     5 X 05 Pena Dura 
  • Penguin admitting that he saved Nygma's life because he was the only friend he had left.
  • In a twisted way, how Penguin and Riddler both promise that if either of them were to betray each other again, they would be upfront and honest about it.
    • The way Penguin pauses before saying "as a friend" suggests that after everything they've done to each other, he may still be in love with the other man.
  • Penguin convincing Jim that there's something going on with Nygma, pointing out that senseless murder and destruction is completely out of character for him, and even tries to protect Ed from the GCPD.
  • Bruce and Harvey's conversation. Harvey tells Bruce that, even though it may not seem like it, the little things they do add up, and will matter in the end. It's what keeps him doing his job, and it's clearly what Bruce needs to hear in that moment.

     5 X 06 13 Stitches 
  • After being snapped out of his trance, Nygma is concerned when he sees the blood on Gordon's neck from his assassination attempt.
  • Barbara trying to patch Jim up when he and Ed take shelter in her bar while on the run from Dorrance and his men.
  • After the chip has been removed from his head, Nygma sincerely thanks Lucius by using his name instead of "Foxy".

     5x 07 Ace Chemicals 
  • Bruce hugging Alfred after they narrowly escape the destruction of Wayne Manor.
    Bruce: I thought I'd lost you.
    Alfred: Me? Never.
  • Despite how rocky Selina's relationship with Bruce has been over the course of the season, when she finds out what's going on with him and Jeremiah, she gives up on killing Penguin and rushes off to help him instead.
    • The last time that they spoke, Selina went into a whole speech about how she didn't do anything the night Bruce's parents died because she didn't care. Here, not only does she intervene in Jeremiah's recreation of that night, but afterwards actually apologizes to Bruce for what she said.
      Selina: The night your parents died, I should have done something.
      Bruce: You've done enough.
  • Edward and Oswald are working together again. Oswald said (or claimed) that he planned to rescue Ed after selling him out to Jim Gordon. He also says he's very fond of the dog who has Edward's name. But what REALLY sells it is:
    Oswald: It seems that fate has different plans for us.
    • Which was a callback to when Ed rescued Oswald in Season 2. "Do you believe in fate?"
  • When he learns that Barbara is pregnant, Oswald offers her a way out of Gotham so she can have and raise her child away from this hellhole. Granted, he may only be doing this to save his own skin but it's a nice sentiment nonetheless.

     5x 08 Nothing's Shocking 
  • Oswald being happy at Mr. Penn's unexpected return. While he does yell at his assistant, it's more Anger Born of Worry than anything else.
  • When attempting to wrestle the gun away from Mr. Penn, Oswald chooses to shoot the dummy instead of him which seems to snap Penn out of whatever hold it had over him. Mr. Penn is grateful that he's been freed... only for Ed to kill him.
  • Ed and Oswald both realize how their friendship works, because they both accept each other for who they are. Their joint bursting into relieved, Evil Laughter is the icing on the cake.
    • Oswald also apologizes to Edward in a subtle way, by saying to Arthur "I wasn't the best friend. To you or anyone." While looking at Edward when he said 'anyone'. Edward's face says it all.

     5 X 09 The Trial of Jim Gordon 
  • Harvey's determination to figure out who shot Jim.
  • When Lee expresses doubts about potentially raising Jim's child, Alfred comforts her. Alfred says he never had any interest in being a father but suddenly found himself Bruce's guardian and whenever he sees Bruce use a skill he taught him or they share a private joke, Alfred can't help but be proud. He lets Lee know that figuring it out is part of being a parent and that she'll be an exquisite mother and the child will be extraordinary because of her.
  • The wedding of Jim and Lee, by far one of the happiest moments in the entire series. The GCPD is lavishly dressed up to serve as the chapel, the entire police department (along with Bruce, Selina, and Alfred) is in attendance, and even good old Harvey acts as their minister. After watching this couple go through absolute hell throughout the series, it's rewarding to finally see them tie the knot and celebrate with all their closest friends.
    • As the couple are having their Big Damn Kiss to seal their vows, Bruce decides to give Selina one as well.
      • From a meta standpoint: the wedding being the very last thing of Gotham filmed, with the GCPD set being packed with pretty much all of the cast and crew. Along with the fact Ben McKenzie wrote the episode with Erin Richards directing, it's a fitting way for the series to end (production wise).

     5 X 10 I Am Bane 
  • Lee is 100% understanding and patient with Barbara throughout the whole delivery. She assures her that the past is past, and she won't have any part in keeping the baby away from her mother. Barbara is so happy that she addresses Lee as her daughter's "Auntie Lee."
  • Ed and Oswald's Villainous Friendship is still going strong, and at times it almost seems like nothing between them ever changed. They spend the whole episode bickering, fighting Bane together, and generally behaving Like an Old Married Couple. And while they mutually dupe Lee and Barbara, they never for a moment consider leaving each other, and it's clear they're in this whole endeavor together for better or worse. After all the hell these two have put each other through, it's pretty rewarding to see them working and having fun together again.
  • The fact that Ed and Oswald take the time at all to defend the women from Bane. While they do have a pragmatic reason in needing Barbara to recover their stolen submarine piece, there's also a sense that they won't let her baby get hurt.
    • When Ed reveals that he actually had the piece, he more or less admits that he stuck around to protect Lee. While he might not have feelings for her anymore after she stabbed him, she's still important to him, and he doesn't appear to hold anything against her.
  • Selina immediately rushing to Alfred after Bane beats him within an inch of his life.

     5x 11 They Did What? 
  • Barbara's Mama Bear behavior throughout the episode, she's pissed that Nyssa would dare touch her daughter and when threats don't work, she willingly begs and tries to bribe the other woman into letting them go.
  • Oswald deciding that he can't abandon Gotham after all and chooses to stay and fight.
    • Ed's given reason for staying is that the sub has to be piloted by two people, but since Nyssa is able to use it by herself to flee shows that he's lying and that Oswald's advice (to follow his heart instead of his head) seems to have convinced him.
  • Oswald shields Nygma from a grenade, severely injuring his right eye in the process. (If you listen closely, he actually gives a panicked cry of "Eddie!" and covers him with zero hesitation.)
    • Ed helping Oswald to run when the GCPD has to abandon the barricade. Before, he was shown holding his wounded and panicked friend in his arms, apparently trying to comfort him; and he doesn't leave Oswald's side for the rest of the episode, even lagging behind when everyone else has run back to the precinct because Oswald needed a minute to collect himself.
    • Ed apologizing to Oswald, saying that he saw the grenade but froze. When Oswald brushes him off by saying "it was the least he could do.", Ed has this guilty expression on his face.
      • A closer look at the scene shows that he didn't completely freeze: Ed was in the middle of trying to put his arm out to protect Oswald when the other man went to shield him.
  • When Harvey points out there's normal military men being forced to follow Bane's orders, Jim orders his side to target only Bane and Nyssa's mercenaries.
  • The remaining citizens of Gotham choosing not to flee and stand with Gordon, creating a human shield against Bane's forces. Led by Barbara and Lee, no less.
  • Lee and Barbara's brief hug. "Thank you. For all you've done."
  • Jim holding his newborn daughter for the first time.
  • Doubles as Awesome; Jim finally becoming Commissioner, followed by his heartwarming talk with Harvey.
  • Penguin and the Riddler have spent entire seasons going back and forth stabbing each other in the back. In this episode, they have knives in their hands when they go in for a hug and seem on the verge of making it literal. They're sincere enough in how much they care about each other that they don't.
    • Given that he previously took a grenade for him, Oswald probably wasn't planning to stab Ed and only had his knife in case the other man tried something, especially in reaction to the chillingly sociopathic speech he'd just given. As they embrace, there's a tense silence where each clearly expects the other to make the first move... but they wordlessly, mutually realize that neither of them are going to and they practically melt into each other's arms as they lower their weapons. Oswald tearing up and Ed's gentle smile as he pulls his friend closer make it an incredibly sweet moment. Even better, it was their first hug since season 3, and calls back to that first, honest embrace, even with similar music and lighting.
  • Barbara names her daughter Barbara Lee Gordon so she'll always know who in the city she can count on.
  • Selina's unwavering support of Bruce throughout the episode.
  • Bruce and Selina using Jeremiah's bombs to save the city. In a way, it's almost like the good, pre-insanity Jeremiah helps save Gotham like he originally intended.
  • Bruce's farewells to Gordon and Alfred as he leaves the city. The latter makes sure to say that Bruce is like a son to him, and how proud he is.

     5x 12 The Beginning 
  • Barbara went straight during the Time Skip and is now a respected (and rich) real estate developer, and from all appearances amiably shares custody of Barbara Lee with Jim and Lee.
  • When asked about what he's going to do now that he's been released, Oswald claims that his first task will be to lay flowers on his beloved mother's grave.
    • His electric blue replacement eye bears an uncanny resemblance to Fish's.
  • Despite the legitimate anger she holds toward Bruce for leaving for 10 years, Selina can't stay mad at him and appears to eagerly look forward to their future relationship.
  • Harvey was blackmailed to confess that he killed a suspect in cold blood. Gordon obviously doesn't believe it and ask anyone who do to leave the station immediately. Not a single police officer leaves.
  • Riddler's sheer delight at finally seeing Oswald after ten years, commenting that he looks good and playfully teasing him for being a bit "thicker around the middle".
    • In the same vein, the fact that Oswald went to rescue his old friend from police custody after his getting caught attempting to kill the mayor - after trying to kill Gordon, one could forgive him for going into hiding straightaway but no, he's there for Riddler when he needs help.
  • The fact that Riddler immediately went through with the plan laid out for him because he thought Oswald was behind it, along with breaking him out of Arkham.
    • When the two run into Batman near the end, Ed can be seen protectively putting his arm out to shield Oswald.
  • When Gordon, Alfred, and Harvey wait on the roof and get their first glimpse of Batman, their expressions, a mix of awe and pride, say it all. They know who this is, and they know why he's here.
    Bullock: Who is that?
    Gordon: A friend.

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