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Heartwarming / Golden Boy

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  • Kintaro giving the money he received from Madame President to an elderly couple being harassed by the Yakuza in Episode 1.
  • Kintaro pretending to have seduced Naoko (and not the other way around) in Episode 2 to protect her.
  • Kintaro begging Kogure to leave Noriko alone, getting his ass kicked for it, and even attempting to cover for Kogure when he is caught by Noriko in a lie as to not hurt her.
  • Kintaro winning over the children as a swim teacher by having fun with them, instead of the drill-instructor like tactics of the head teacher, and her realization that her methods discouraged the kids from learning instead of encouraging them.
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  • The music paired with the scene when Reiko tells Kintaro to come back to her.
  • In the final scene of the anime, despite not getting the girl(s) again and having to bike the hilly countryside on a hot day, Kintaro doesn't let either of these things discourage him and continues on with gusto towards his next adventure.
    Kintaro: Life is study!


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