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Heartwarming / God Eater 3

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  • Many of Hugo's interactions with the Protagonist are this. The two of them are close after going through so much together since they were kids. Hugo constantly shows how highly he thinks of the Protagonist and how much he cares about them.
    • This is cemented even further in "Dreamchasing" - after previously they seemed to hit a snag when their sync rate progressed slower than expected, Hugo eventually revealed to the Protagonist his own personal fear during their mission together of how much he secretly fears of failing and losing so much in the process of chasing their shared dream. This act of trust manages to boost their sync rate from previously 60 percent or so to 99 percentnote . At the end of the episode, regardless of the choices, it is clear that the Protagonist will continue to follow Hugo's dream and be there for him.
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  • All of the party's interactions with Phym definitely qualify - Zeke teaching Phym to play card games, Claire being a Cool Big Sis to her, Lulu cooking and making dresses for her...everything.
  • When they had just boarded on Chrysanthemum, Lil mentioned how Amy patted her on the head. Given the garbage treatment AGEs usually received, it's very moving.
    • On related note, when you return from the mission, Amy always greets you and tells you all sorts of praises or encouragement. Even Hugo notes the first time how much it has a nice ring to it.
  • During the transaction with Ein, who is in truth an older Soma, he gives a tender smile upon seeing Phym clinging to the Protagonist and tells them to take care of her. Arguably doubles as Tear Jerker as well given what happened to Shio back in the first game since Phym likely reminds him of her.
  • The ending. Phym, out of pure love for her friends, humanity, and the world, activates an Engage that makes every being in the world resonate and mentally connect with each other. Not only does this have the effect of permanently eliminating the Ashblight but also stops Aragami from hunting humans, because for a brief moment, even Aragami were able to mentally connect with humans. This overall leaves the world in probably the most hopeful state it has been since the Aragami first appeared.
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  • The title screen itself has one. Prior to completing the game it features the protagonist by themselves standing before the destroyed remains of an Anti-Aragami wall with the sun low in the background. After completing the game the protagonist is then joined by the rest of Hound (with Phym holding hands with them and Claire), the sun bright and the sky clear signalling the bright future that awaits all of them.
  • This one line from Ein at the end of the "Another Devil" episode and the implications that come with it.
    Ein: I've got friends out in the Far East waiting for me...
  • "Innocent Wrongdoing":
    • Even without words, there is just something heartwarming upon seeing the Protagonist holding Claire's hand to reassure her before the Resonance test. Talking to Ricardo later also implied just how much Claire puts her trust on them.
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    • Claire resting her head on the Protagonist's shoulder from behind their back at the end of the story, and even though the Protagonist doesn't face her, they both smile at each other. This shows just how comforting their presence for each other is, whether as surrogate family or something else.
    Claire: You've kept close to me all this time. Thank you so much for that. Let's always be there for each other.

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