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Trivia / God Eater 3

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  • Channel Hop: Though still published by Bandai Namco, God Eater 3 is the first God Eater game developed by Marvelous Entertainment as opposed to original developer Shift.
  • Dueling Works: With Monster Hunter: World, big time. GE and MH have always been at odds, but after World became the most successful game in the entire franchise (and Capcom's single best selling title in its entire history), and after Rage Burst had, by all reports, a very good showing on PC/Steam, the pressure on GE3 to do at least kind of analogously to World is enormous, especially coming out in English in the same year that World is getting its first expansion.
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  • Milestone Celebration: The game overall rather serves as one; the JP PS4 version came out a few months before the date of the 9th anniversary, and the international PS4 and overall PC versions come out the same week as the precise anniversary of the release of the first God Eater (February 4th for the anniversary, Feb. 7th for the releases). GE3 will be getting several updates through 2019 to help reinforce this, among other things.
  • No Export for You: Notable for just how much of an aversion it is - unlike both of its predecessors, English gamers don't have to wait for the Updated Re-release to get their hands on God Eater 3, and the releases in Japanese and English aren't even two months apart, which is the shortest turn-around time in series history to date!
  • Posthumous Credit: GE3 is, tragically, perhaps the very last credit Unshō Ishizuka will ever have. Ishizuka passed away in August of 2018 just after completing recording of his lines as Commander Abraham.
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