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Heartwarming / Firebreather

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  • In a way, Belloc defending his son from the other Kaijus.
  • Duncan and Margaret use the sign language of "I love you". Doubles as Funny Moment, since it also resembles the "rock on" symbol.
  • Kenny apologizing to Duncan for revealing his secret at the homecoming dance, followed by Duncan immediately forgiving him.
  • A small one, but when Kenny is hurt, Troy doesn't act like his usual self, and instead helps the guy out.
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  • Throughout the entire movie, we see Belloc only acting tough, distant, and even brutal towards anyone he encounters: Be it Isabel, his son, or other Kaiju. Then, when he senses that Margaret is near, he doesn't act all haughty, but instead is...delighted to see her again. Belloc even does that "romantic way of calling out the person their in love with's name", that just cements the heartwarmingness.
  • Even with being a Jerk Jock, Troy does get a few points for warning Jenna to stay away from Duncan. Though, we all know that Duncan isn't a real danger, Troy's concern for Jenna gives us a nice view that he isn't entirely heartless.
  • Margaret defending Duncan's accusation that Belloc is a monster
    "Your father is a great many things, but he is not a monster. You don't know the things he's been through. The good things he's done. I don't expect you to understand, but I did love him. And he gave me you."
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  • Everyone at Herbert High (sans Troy and his lackies) cheering on Duncan for his heroic efforts against his father.
  • Duncan leaving a crystal diamond inside Jenna's locker, so she can use it to pay for the school dance.


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