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Heartwarming / Fate/Sunny Order

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  • The twins reuniting with their "Aunt Saber", Arturia, who is very happy to see them again. And then they summon EMIYA, who reciprocates Kana's hug when he's informed that she and Ritsuka are Shirou and Rin's kids. He takes to being a good dad/mom to them like a fish to water.
  • Arturia and EMIYA having a moment in Chapter 6 when the latter gets splashed with water and ends up with Shirou-like hair.
  • Both flashback interludes involve Rin and Shirou being good, supportive parents towards their kids.
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  • In a non-canon chapter, Shirou comes back from the dead briefly to give his kids lunch, tells Kana You Are Better Than You Think You Are (and that he'll see her at home), and tells Archer that, while he still doesn't like him, he trusts the counter guardian the most to keep his kids safe.
  • In Orleans, Berserker!Lancelot recognizes Mashu as Galahad. When she defeats him, he smiles.

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