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Heartwarming / Fate Revelation Online

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  • An early one in Chapter 2.4, where Diabel's party is paralyzed while fighting the Field Boss with him being the exception. Rather than retreat and save his own life, he prepared to defend them against 5-1 odds. Then Shirou shows up.
  • Shirou wearing the [Stupid Helmet] in the first boss battle. It was a horrible piece of equipment that hindered his hearing and vision on the battlefield, but he wore it without complaint only because Ilya made it for him.
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  • When a player who had an orange cursor marking him a criminal (for petty reasons, against a guy who was a sociopath) was left unable to move for nearly 24 hours and everyone else thought it was a trap, Shirou went to help him.
  • Shirou lives his dream of being a totally selfless hero who saves people as The Sixth Ranger, but rather than turning out like Archer, where the people he saves later curse him and fear him because they don't understand him (and he never adequately explains himself, if at all), Shirou eventually becomes famous and understood as someone who really does just want to save/help people to the point of obsession, and accept his eccentricities as the mark of a weird person, but not someone to be hated or feared. Furthermore, his stint as The Sixth Ranger did in fact save hundreds, if not thousands of lives at a time when people were in the most danger and most in need of help.
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  • Shirou teaching Argo how to [Make a Circuit] and training with her in using it (since she has no magic circuits of her own, a fact which had left her bitter and somewhat depressed), especially since the technique is absurdly dangerous and he had no idea if it would actually work inside of the game. He even refused to tell her of the possibility until he tested it for himself and confirmed that the game could recognize the technique, so as not to get her hopes up needlessly until he was sure it could work for her.
  • The efforts Kirito goes through to protect Agatha during an Escort Mission is quite endearing. It becomes a Tearjerker, however, when you realize Zolgen was based on Kayaba's Magecraft mentor, Matou Zouken. We see her later on in Chapter's as bad as you would think.
  • The moment during the 5th floor boss meeting where Ilya shows her soft side after Shirou volunteers for what can be listed as a Suicide Mission in kiting the boss. Given how she normally acts in public and in front of Diabel, it caught a lot of people off guard.
    “Shirou.” Ilya said. She alone hadn’t turned to look, and was still looking down at the table, so he couldn’t see her face. She was tracing patterns on the table idly with a finger, kicking her feet as she didn’t meet his eyes. “It’s no good if you get yourself killed, right? So even if you get ripped to pieces, you absolutely can’t die, because we’ll be separated.”
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  • Argo's elation at making her new spell in Chapter 13.4 and how Shirou acts genuinely happy for her, which is enough to take her breath away.
  • Griselda and Grimlock's relationship is explored more in 14.4, with her constantly backing him and him supporting her.

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