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  • Chapter 3.2:
    • Just as Diabel was about to suffer the equivalent of his canon fate, Shirou intervenes with a spell his Servant knows very well: Prana Burst.
    The sword was loaded, and he pulled the trigger in his soul.
    The missile called [Emiya Shirou] was launched. The sword in his hand was primed.
    With an impact like a detonating warhead, the [Deathblow] of [Illfang the Kobold Lord] was intercepted and completely blown off course.
    • Diabel himself gets a rather subtle one for completely defusing the Beater fiasco in the aftermath of the first floor boss fight.
  • Chapter 7.4:
    • Shirou pulls off his Big Damn Heroes moment from 3.2 again, where the boss has cut off retreat for the players who have lost too much HP. He not only intercepts it with Prana Burst, but he blocks two lightning strikes.
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    • Asuna and Kirito get points for actually stopping the lightning strikes from the third boss [Olgoi Khorkhoi] from forming and damaging it from the spell failure.
  • Chapter 9.5: The closest depiction we'll ever get of a False Assassin VS Berserker fight. In this case it's between Triggered!Shirou using Assassin's skill VS [Kari-Ya the Fettered]'s One-Winged Angel form
  • Chapter 10.5: [Worm Master Zolgen] VS Ilya. She took him apart.
  • Chapter 11.2: Diabel takes advantage of the loopholes in recent patches and expansions to build a city large enough to house every player in the game. This gives even the non-combatant somewhere safe to sleep for free, and spares the Rear, Mid, and Front Liners from spending valuable resources on housing.
  • Chapter 13.3: [Moby Roc] VS Shirou. Exploding arrows took it down after he tanked a death blow with [Ribs of Steel].
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  • Chapter 14.4: Yolko of the [Sorcery Hunters] managed to send Zolgen flying out of a window with one powerful blast.
  • Chapter 16.3: The Black Cats manage to kill the Pied Piper monster and rescue the children.

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