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Heartwarming / Fate/Reach Out

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  • When Shirou tries to pull the I Work Alone card on Yosuke, the other teen flat-out refuses to walk away: Shirou is crazy enough to apologize to someone who just tried to kill him out of envy, and as such Yosuke is going to watch his back, understood?
  • It comes in a pure, nightmarish manner, but Shadow Chie's confession to Shirou is rather sweet when she explains she started to crush on him for being such a Nice Guy.
  • Chapter 25: Taiga's shadow pretty much hit every issue she had, but she doesn't reject it outright because she knows things are different with Shirou and that he respects her. This acceptance ends up stopping her from being murdered by her own shadow.
    • Later in the Chapter, she defends Kiritsugu for Shirou's sake after Kotomine reveals the Awful Truth about his nature prior to the war and then hugs Shirou.
  • Chapter 26: The Promise Taiga has Shirou make after getting the first idea of how deep Shirou's desire to help people actually runs.
    Taiga: So please, whatever you do in your life, whether it's fixing junk for a living or going into god-knows-where for rescues… I'll support you all the way. Just promise me that you'll come back alive each time.
    Shirou: I'll come back alive, Fuji-nee. I promise.
  • Chapter 32: Shirou giving Teddie a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech after hearing him questioning his worth.
  • The moment when Yukiko realized just how much her parents (pretty much a textbook example of Invisible Parents in canon) worry about her and how much her disappearance affected them. Then, after Yumi confided in her about her resentment toward her moribund father, Yukiko's first reaction was to find hers and hug him without saying a word, who understood her silent request for reassurance and simply answered in kind.
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  • This post by Kishou thanking his fans for ensuring that he doesn't fall to hubris on his immensely popular fic.


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