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The film:

  • The look on Margie's face when Norm says he'll make her eggs, even when she insists he go back to sleep.
  • Near the end, one of Norm's paintings of a mallard will be on a three-cent stamp, and he insists it's nothing special because "People don't much use the three-cent", when Marge says this:
    Marge: Oh, for Pete's sake. Of course they do. Whenever they raise the postage, people need the little stamps.
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  • Then the final scene with the two of them gazing at her pregnant stomach, both smiling and saying "Two more months."
  • In the last scene, Marge is most likely enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame due to her capturing a very dangerous murderer single-handedly. She'll have a few days of TV appearances, pictures in the newspaper, speeches to fellow officers around the state, etc. Meanwhile, Norm has had his own major achievement, and his face shows he is proud of himself, yet he does not tell Marge until they are about to go to bed, and then tries to downplay it as no big deal so as not to upstage his wife's recent success. Marge has to tell him that, yes, his mallard appearing on a three-cent stamp potentially used by millions is a very big deal, and that they're "doing pretty good". Notably, Marge doesn't tell him of her accomplishment, not wanting to one-up him.
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  • Marge and Norm's relationship in general is a Heartwarming moment, to the point where someone just cut the film down to just their scenes.
  • Marge's disposition in general. Despite all the horrible things she's witnessed, she can still return home and be happy with her husband, effectively leaving it all behind once she's off the clock.
  • Lou makes a rather harebrained mistake by not realizing that the criminals' car had dealer plates, but Marge corrects him in the most gentle way possible, then immediately cracks a joke to spare him any embarrassment. She's a good boss on top of everything else.


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