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This is a page for identifying when events take place within the Fargo universe. Spoilers will be unmarked. Read at your own risk.

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  • "Fear and Trembling":
    • Otto Gerhardt takes his son Dodd to the movie theater, where Dodd murders the mobster Mort Kellerman and Otto reclaims the Gerhardt empire.

  • "The Law of Non-Contradiction":
    • Thaddeus Mobley meets movie producer Howard Zimmerman in Los Angeles after winning a Golden Planet Award and begins negotiating a movie deal for his book ‘’The Planet Wyh’’. Zimmerman and actress Vivian Lord blow all of Mobley’s funds on drugs and other lifestyle choices before Mobley finds out and retaliates by beating Zimmerman nearly to death with his own cane. He flees town and changes his name to Ennis Stussy, while Zimmerman is hospitalized.

  • "Waiting for Dutch":
    • Otto Gerhardt has a stroke, leaving his wife Floyd as interim leader of the family business.
    • Rye Gerhardt kills three people, including Judge Irma Mundt, at the Waffle Hut in an attempt to get Mundt to unfreeze Skip Spring’s bank accounts. He’s hit by Peggy Blumquist on her way home from work, and Peggy leaves his body in her windshield while she drives home. Rye regains consciousness at some point and attacks Ed Blumquist in his own garage, only to be killed by Ed in self-defense. They decide not to report the incident.
    • Lou Solverson and Hank Larsson investigate the scene of the murders.
    • Hamish Broker approves a move by the Kansas City Mafia into Fargo territory in an attempt to peacefully acquire the Gerhardt family business.
  • "Before the Law":
    • Kansas City proposes their business deal to Floyd Gerhardt.
    • Mike Milligan and Gale and Wayne Kitchen of Kansas City interrogate Skip Spring in his typewriter shop about the location of Rye Gerhardt.
    • Betsy Solverson finds a gun outside the Waffle House. Lou witnesses Mike and the Kitchen brothers drive by the scene and informs Hank, who stops them on a nearby road, identifies them, and sees that they make it over the state border.
    • Ed Blumquist cleans his car and garage where Rye was killed. He disposes of Rye’s body in the meat mincer at his deli. Lou stops by to buy a pound of bacon at night and notices Ed’s mildly suspicious behavior.
  • "The Myth of Sisyphus":
    • Rye Gerhardt’s fingerprints are discovered on the gun found at the Waffle House. Lou meets Officer Ben Schmidt at the Fargo Municipal Court, and the two of them discover Skip Spring nervously lingering about the courthouse. They ask him questions about his connection to Judge Irma Mundt before letting him go.
    • Lou and Schmidt visit the Gerhardt house, where they’re denied information about Rye and held at gunpoint before being escorted off the premises. Schmidt drops Lou off at Skip Spring’s typewriter store, where he finds Mike and the Kitchen brothers. They too hold him at gunpoint before leaving themselves.
    • Dodd and Hanzee murder Skip Spring by burying him under a truckload of asphalt.
  • "Fear and Trembling":
    • Sonny and Karl find Hanzee Dent rummaging around an auto shop looking at Ed Blumquist’s car. Lou theorizes that the car could’ve hit Rye Gerhardt on the night of the Waffle Hut murders and confronts the Blumquists at their house. They deny any involvement and ask him to leave.
    • Floyd proposes that Kansas City be granted a portion of the Gerhardt business, but they reject her compromise. After a hospital appointment, Otto Gerhardt’s bodyguards are killed by Mike and the Kitchen brothers in retaliation of Dodd roughing up some Kansas City men earlier at a local donut shop.
    • Hanzee Dent discovers Rye Gerhardt’s belt buckle in the Blumquists’ fireplace, identifying them as his murderers.
  • "The Gift of the Magi":
    • Ronald Reagan’s election campaign passes through Minnesota, escorted by Lou Solverson.
    • Some Gerhardt enforcers attack the Kansas City Mob while on a hunting trip. As much as twelve men are killed, including Joe Bulo and Wayne Kitchen.
    • Peggy sells her and Ed’s car to Sonny Greer for $700.
    • Dodd sends his nephew Charlie and an enforcer, Virgil Bauer, into Luverne to kill Ed Blumquist. Charlie botches the execution and the butcher shop burns down. Virgil is killed in the process, Charlie is taken into custody, and Ed flees the scene and returns to his home.
  • "Rhinoceros":
    • Lou and Hank arrest Ed Blumquist and take him to the Luverne Police Station, where Charlie Gerhardt is being held.
    • Dodd leads a few Gerhardt men to the Blumquist house, where Hank is knocked out by Hanzee. Dodd shoots one of his men by accident and ends up getting knocked out by Peggy.
    • Karl Weathers is called in to act as Ed’s lawyer, but Charlie’s father, Bear, shows up with a group of men outside with the intent of decimating the station to get back Charlie and kidnap Ed. Karl talks Bear out of making any moves against the station and Bear calls off his men.
    • Lou sneaks Ed out of the police station and into the woods. Hank finds them wandering along the main road, but Ed makes a run for it before he can be put back in custody.
    • Simone Gerhardt informs Mike Milligan that the Gerhardt house is vulnerable, so Mike and Gale Kitchen shoot up the place and kill Otto Gerhardt.
  • "Loplop":
    • Ed returns to his house, where he and Peggy decide to kidnap an unconscious Dodd Gerhardt and make a run for Ed’s uncle’s hunting cabin up near Sioux Falls.
    • Hanzee Dent searches for the Blumquists around Sioux Falls, killing three bar patrons, a bartender, two police officers in town, and Constance Heck at a nearby hotel.
  • "Did You Do This? No, You Did It!":
    • Floyd Gerhardt is taken by the authorities in an attempt for the law to get information out of Kansas City and intervene in the crime war.
    • Bear Gerhardt takes his niece Simone out into the woods and executes her for feeding information to Kansas City.
    • Ed makes repeated calls to the Gerhardts trying to tell them that he has Dodd, only to be brushed off every time.
    • Mike Milligan kills the Undertaker, who was sent to Fargo to replace him for his repeated failures at handling the Gerhardt situation. He gets a call from Ed offering him Dodd Gerhardt and arranges a meeting.
  • "Loplop":
    • Dodd escapes, attacks Peggy and tries hanging Ed in his own cabin, but fails. Hanzee Dent finds their location, kills Dodd, and asks Peggy for a haircut to begin his change in lifestyle. Before she can cut his hair, Lou and Hank stumble upon the cabin. Hanzee shoots at them from the window and runs out, and the officers arrest Ed and Peggy.
  • "The Castle":
    • Jeb Cheney of South Dakota P.D. proposes a deal to the Blumquists wherein Ed meets with Mike Milligan while wearing a wire, allowing authorities to bust the Kansas City operation. Lou objects and is escorted from the state while the rest of the officers, including Hank Larsson and Ben Schmidt, lodge at the Motor Motel for the night.
    • Lou gets a call that Constance Heck was found dead in a hotel and ventures back into South Dakota.
    • Hanzee kills the Rushmore Grocery Store owner and steals his car. He contacts the Gerhardts and tells them that Kansas City is holding Dodd at the Motor Motel. Lou spots Floyd and Bear leading a cavalry of men into town and rushes to the Motor Motel, where they’ve already begun shooting the officers, believing them to be Kansas City men. Hanzee stabs Floyd and kills her, and Bear almost strangles Lou to death, only for a UFO to show up and distract him long enough for Lou to shoot him in the head. Hanzee shoots Hank in the chest before chasing after the escaped Blumquists. Lou makes sure Hank is okay before running after them.
  • "Palindrome":
    • Hanzee shoots Ed Blumquist twice while in pursuit. Ed and Peggy find a grocery store and lock themselves in the freezer. Lou and Schmidt find the two of them hiding out, though Ed has died by the time they arrive due to blood loss. Peggy is placed under arrest.
    • Mike Milligan takes credit for the Gerhardt casualties and is promoted by Hamish Broker. He’s given a job at a desk in Kansas City working 9 to 5 while the actual work in Fargo is handled by people deemed beneath him.
    • Hanzee Dent adopts the new ID of Moses Tripoli and vows to start his own criminal empire to overthrow Kansas City.

  • Fargo:
    • Jerry Lundegaard hires Carl Showalter and Gaear Grismund to kidnap his wife and negotiate a ransom with his father-in-law so that they can split the profits. Things go awry, and the trail leading back to Jerry forces him to flee his home. He’s arrested not long after.
    • Carl Showalter kills Wade Gustafson and hides the briefcase containing $920,000 in the snow somewhere by a fence along an empty road.
    • Gaear Grismund kills Jean Lundegaard and Carl Showalter and attempts to dispose of the latter’s body in a wood chipper. Chief Marge Gunderson stumbles across his hideout and arrests him.
  • "Eating the Blame":
    • Stavros Milos and his family break down on an empty road. Milos discovers the briefcase and uses the money to start funding his supermarket business.
  • Fargo (Unaired pilot):
    • Two months after the Jean Lundegaard kidnapping case, Marge and her deputy Lou Getchell investigate the murder of pharmacist Bob Trotter, eventually arresting Anne Mendelson for the crime.
    • Fisherman Norb Anderson freezes to death while fishing on a frozen lake at night. Hearing of his death, his sons Sonny and Fritz decide to give him a Viking-style funeral, stealing a number of objects from around town for the funeral. Marge and Lou investigate the thefts and eventually catch Sonny and Fritz about to start the funeral, but decide not to arrest them and leave, allowing Sonny and Fritz to finish the funeral.
    • On the way back from the encounter with Sonny and Fritz, Marge goes into labor, forcing Lou to pull over at an old abandoned shack so that Marge can safely give birth. Marge's husband Norm is informed of the birth and arrives at the shack in time to welcome his and Marge's new child into the world.

  • "The Law of Vacant Places":
    • Jakob Underleider is accused by Colonel Horst Lagerfeld of being Yuri Gurka and strangling his girlfriend to death in East Berlin.

  • "The Six Ungraspables":
    • Lester Nygaard buys a pack of irregular socks and a 12-gauge shotgun.
  • "A Muddy Road":
    • Lorne Malvo drags Phil McCormick out of his office building by his tie, strips him down to his underwear, and stuffs him in the trunk of his car.
  • "The Crocodile’s Dilemma":
    • Malvo crashes a car near Bemidji, Minnesota, where McCormick escapes into the woods and freezes to death overnight. Malvo then kills Sam Hess after talking to Lester Nygaard. Police Chief Vern Thurman goes to Lester’s house to question him and discovers that Lester has killed his wife. Malvo shows up at the house, shoots Thurman, and disappears from the crime scene. Lester, who has received a wound on his hand from a rogue shotgun shell, knocks himself out next to his wife’s body so as to be taken from the scene as a victim.
    • Officer Gus Grimly pulls Lorne Malvo over in Duluth the night of the incident and decides not to report him after Malvo threatens his child.
  • "The Rooster Prince":
    • Bill Oswalt takes over as Police Chief of Bemidji and removes Molly Solverson from the Lester Nygaard case. She’s instead made head of the case involving Phil McCormick.
    • Wes Wrench and Grady Numbers arrive in Bemidji after being sent by the Fargo Crime Syndicate to track down and dispose of Sam Hess’ killer. They murder a man named Lenny by dumping him into a frozen lake.
    • Stavros Milos hires Lorne Malvo to discover who is trying to blackmail him.
  • "A Muddy Road":
    • Molly reviews security footage of Malvo dragging Phil McCormick out of his office.
    • Gus comes clean to Lieutenant Schmidt about letting Malvo go, and Schmidt makes him personally inform the Bemidji offices of his screw up. Gus decides to go to the station in person, where he meets Molly and the two begin collaborating in an unofficial investigation.
    • Malvo learns that fitness instructor Don Chumph has been blackmailing Milos so that he can fund a Turkish bath. Malvo begins collaborating with Chumph on the blackmail and torments Milos using elements from the Ten Plagues of Egypt.
  • "Eating the Blame":
    • Gus arrests Lorne Malvo, who’s adopted the fake identity of Reverend Frank Peterson. Schmidt and Bill buy Malvo’s ruse and Gus is forced to let him go in addition to his badge being suspended.
    • Molly interviews the woman who owns the motel that Malvo stayed at on the night of the murders and learns his name.
    • Lester is kidnapped by Numbers and Wrench, but escapes and punches Officer Knudsen so as to be placed under arrest and taken away from his kidnappers. Numbers gets drunk that night and attacks Wrench in a bar, leading to the two being placed in the same jail cell as Lester shortly after.
    • Phoenix Farms grocery store experiences an inexplicable infestation of "locusts" courtesy of Malvo and Chumph.
  • "The Six Ungraspables":
    • Wrench and Numbers interrogate Lester, who tells them that Lorne Malvo killed Sam Hess. They make bail and collect information on their new target. Lester becomes delirious that evening due to the severity of his infection and is rushed from his cell to the hospital. The police keep watch over his room after it’s revealed that the infection was caused by a shotgun shell.
    • Ari Ziskind finds Malvo hanging around his and Gus’ neighborhood and shoos him off.
  • "Buridan’s Ass":
    • Stavros Milos changes his mind about paying his blackmailers and decides to bury his money back where he found it in 1987. His son and bodyguard, Dmitri Milos and Wally Semenko, are driving to Stavros’ house when a torrent of falling fish runs them off the road, resulting in both of their deaths.
    • Malvo tapes Chumph standing up to an exercise bike in his own house and places a shotgun in his hands. He shoots a sniper rifle out of Chumph’s blocked windows to gain the attention of the authorities before leaving the scene. Schmidt leads a SWAT team to the house, where Chumph’s door is kicked down and he is shot on site.
    • Lester sneaks out of the hospital and plants the murder weapon in Chazz’s garage, along with several suggestive pictures of Pearl Nygaard. He also plants an unloaded handgun in his nephew Gordo’s backpack.
    • A huge blizzard passes through the Duluth-Bemidji area. Amidst the storm, Wrench and Numbers attack Malvo in the middle of the road. Gus and Molly arrive on the scene, and Molly commandeers Wrench after Numbers is killed by Malvo. In the confusion, Gus shoots Molly from a distance and hits her in the spleen, knocking her out.
  • "Who Shaves the Barber?":
    • Wes Wrench has been taken to the hospital and arrested.
    • An unloaded handgun is discovered in Gordo Nygaard’s backpack at his elementary school. Police investigate Chazz’s house with a warrant and find his illegal M249 machine gun, along with suggestive pictures of Pearl Nygaard and a bloody hammer supposedly taken from the scene of her murder. He is promptly arrested.
    • In an interview, Lester claims that Chazz murdered Pearl and Chief Thurman, and that he’d stayed quiet about it for so long due to threats from his brother.
    • Malvo visits Mr. Rundle in Reno, Nevada to ask if he gave away any information about his position to anyone stationed in Fargo, North Dakota. Not long after, Malvo ventures to the Fargo crime syndicate headquarters and shoots up the entire building, killing everyone, including Boss Moses Tripoli. FBI agents Webb Pepper and Bill Budge, who are stationed outside, fail to notice his entrance into the building and report the incident only after it’s occurred.
    • Molly is hospitalized and her spleen is removed. She’s later discharged from the hospital and learns that Chazz Nygaard has been arrested.
  • "The Heap":
    • Pepper and Budge are relocated to the FBI building’s file room.
    • Lester begins dating his coworker Linda Pearl.
    • Malvo strangles the police officer watching Wrench’s room and gives Wrench the keys to his handcuffs. He escapes custody.
    • Chief Bill Oswalt closes the case concerning Lester Nygaard. Molly returns to the force unable to sway his decision. She begins dating Gus Grimly.

  • "The Heap":
    • Molly and Gus have married and moved in together. Gus now works as a mailman, while Molly has been making calls to the FBI for almost a year concerning the Fargo Syndicate Massacre.
    • Bill Oswalt finds the foster kid he was supposed to have taken in three months prior wandering a supermarket without a home.
    • Lester Nygaard and his wife, Linda, attend an awards ceremony in Las Vegas where Lester is crowned Insurance Salesman of the Year.
  • "A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage":
    • Lorne Malvo, who has been working undercover over the course of six months as an orthodontist, murders Jemma Stallone and Burt and Louise "Weezy" Canton in a Las Vegas hotel elevator in front of Lester Nygaard. Lester gathers up his things and leaves the hotel with Linda that same night.
    • Molly questions Lester and Linda about why they left Las Vegas early and tells them not to go anywhere any time soon due to the ongoing investigation.
    • Pepper and Budge learn that Molly has been contacting the FBI about the Fargo Syndicate Massacre and travel to Bemidji to assist her in tracking down Lorne Malvo.
    • Malvo eats at Lou’s Diner and inquires about where he might find Lester Nygaard.
    • Lester prints off plane tickets to Acapulco and arranges to leave town with his wife. That night, he sends Linda into his shop to collect some things and watches Lorne Malvo execute her from the window.
  • "Morton’s Fork":
    • Lester goes to Lou’s Diner and orders food for him and his wife to establish an alibi. He sneaks outside to anonymously report shots fired from his shop a few blocks down. Police arrive on the scene, and Lester makes an appearance to react to his wife’s murder. He’s taken into custody and interviewed about his alleged relationship with Lorne Malvo, who he claims not to know. Pepper and Budge escort him home and remain posted outside.
    • Bill allows Molly to lead the manhunt for Malvo and informs her that he’ll be retiring once the case wraps up. He recommends she take the position of Police Chief of Bemidji.
    • Gus stumbles across Malvo’s cabin completely by accident when he sees Malvo’s alleged red BMW parked outside. He watches Malvo leave, then makes his way inside.
    • Malvo steals an FBI booklet and cancels Pepper and Budge’s backup. He then trades in his BMW for a darker car and follows Pepper and Budge to Lester’s house. The two agents posted outside approach the car with caution and find a salesman with his hands taped to the steering wheel in the driver’s seat. Malvo shoots them both from behind and proceeds into Lester’s house. Inside, he steps on a bear trap that Lester set for him and the two shoot at each other in the bedroom. Malvo wriggles free from the trap and leaves the scene.
    • A wounded Malvo returns to his cabin, where Gus reveals himself and shoots him dead. The police arrive on the scene and find all the tapes Malvo kept of phone calls from his victims. Molly finds Lester’s tape, which confirms that he murdered his wife and conspired with Malvo to murder Sam Hess and Vern Thurman.
    • Two weeks after the incident, Lester encounters a police brigade in his attempt to flee to the border via snowmobile. He crashes and continues on foot, only to fall through a thin sheet of ice on a frozen lake and die instantly.

  • "The Law of Vacant Places":
    • Ray Stussy hires Maurice LeFay, his parolee, to steal a priceless stamp from his brother Emmit. LeFay ends up losing the address Ray gives him and kills a man named Ennis Stussy instead. When Ray realizes this, LeFay tries blackmailing him, but is killed by Ray’s fiancée-to-be Nikki Swango when she drops an air conditioner on his head from several stories up.
    • St. Cloud Police Chief Gloria Burgle begins investigating the murder of her former step-father, Ennis Stussy.
    • Emmit Stussy learns from shady businessman V.M. Varga that the million-dollar loan his company made two years ago was actually a partnership agreement.
  • "The Principle of Restricted Choice":
    • Emmit Stussy and Sy Feltz convince their lawyer to research V.M. Varga, only for his computer to shut down and for him to eventually be thrown out of a parking garage and killed by Varga’s henchmen Yuri Gurka and Meemo.
    • Ray tries making peace with his brother as a distraction for Nikki to sneak into his house and steal the stamp, but when things don’t go as planned, Feltz meets with Ray and slams into his Corvette several times with a Humvee as punishment. On the way out of the parking lot, Feltz loses control of his vehicle and accidentally slams into another.
  • "The Law of Non-Contradiction":
    • Gloria Burgle meets a man named Paul Marrane on her plane to Los Angeles. She investigates Ennis Stussy’s history by interviewing Vivian Lord and Howard Zimmerman, and comes to the conclusion that his death was not orchestrated as a consequence of anything he did in the past.
  • "The Narrow Escape Problem":
    • Ray disguises himself as his brother and withdraws $10,000 from his bank account. Emmit sends Feltz to retaliate, who informs Ray’s bosses that Ray is in a relationship with one of his parolees. He is subsequently fired.
    • Varga convinces Emmit to sign him on as a partner over dinner with his family.
    • Officer Winnie Lopez interviews Feltz about a public incident involving a Humvee owned by Stussy Lots, to which Feltz behaves noticeably suspicious.
  • "The House of Special Purpose":
    • Ray proposes to Nikki and disguises himself as Emmit once again in a sex tape to blackmail his brother into handing over the stamp. Emmit’s wife Stella watches the tape on her own and leaves her husband.
    • Ray is interviewed by Gloria and Winnie about the death of Maurice Le Fay, but is released by order of Chief Moe Dammick.
    • Sy has dinner with a Mrs. Ruby Goldfarb, who’s interested in buying Stussy Lots.
    • Nikki meets with Feltz to negotiate the escalating situation between the Stussy brothers, but Varga’s men Yuri and Meemo intervene and beat Nikki nearly to death in an empty parking lot.
  • "The Lord of No Mercy":
    • Gloria and Winnie try interviewing Emmit, but Varga intervenes and shoos them out. They then try to get ahold of Ray at his apartment, but Ray and Nikki, believing the people at their door to be Varga’s henchmen, hide until night, where they quietly slip away to a hotel. Ray realizes he left the $10,000 he withdrew from Emmit’s bank account at his apartment and returns to retrieve it. Emmit confronts him there and tries to give his brother the stamp in an attempt to end their feud. Ray won’t accept, and the two enter a shoving match that accidentally ends in Ray’s death when the frame of the stamp breaks and a glass shard ends up lodged in his neck.
  • "The Law of inevitability":
    • Gloria and Winnie find Ray dead in his apartment and arrest Nikki in her hotel room. Giving them little information and having violated her parole, she is put on a state prison bus back next to Wes Wrench after an attempt is made on her life from within the police station by Varga’s man Golem. Varga’s men intercept the bus by flipping it on a homemade ramp and attempt to get to Nikki.
    • Emmit arrives at dinner with Feltz and Mrs. Goldfarb to discuss business, giving him an alibi on the night of Ray’s death. Winnie shows up to inform Emmit of what he already knows, and she interviews Mrs. Goldfarb about her business with Stussy Lots.
  • "Who Rules the Land of Denial?":
    • Nikki and Wrench escape Varga’s men into the woods, where they kill Golem and wound Yuri in a clearing. The two end up at a bowling alley, where Paul Marrane gives them a vehicle to escape in. Yuri ends up at the same bowling alley and mysteriously disappears shortly after.
    • Meemo kills a couple who witnesses the scene at the prison bus on Christmas Eve
    • Sy Feltz is poisoned by V.M. Varga and goes into a coma.

  • "Who Rules the Land of Denial?":
    • Emmit, haunted by the death of his brother, goes to the police station to confess his crimes.
  • "Aporia":
    • Emmit admits to the accidental manslaughter of his brother Ray.
    • Nikki and Wrench steal financial information from Varga and blackmail him into handing them over $2 million dollars.
    • Meemo kills a man named Marvin Stussy in St. Cloud in a fashion that mimicks the way Ray died. He kills another man with the last name Stussy the same way Ennis was killed, leading Chief Moe Dammick to arrest a man hired by Varga to pose serial killer with a vendetta against Stussies who confesses to all four Stussy murders.
    • An anonymous package arrives at the IRS containing sensitive information about the collaboration between Narwhal and Stussy Lots.
  • "Somebody to Love":
    • IRS Agent Larue Dollard uncovers evidence of a corporate bleed out between Stussy Lots and Narwhal.
    • Stussy Lots is acquired by Mrs. Ruby Goldfarb, who was working with Varga and advises Emmit to declare bankruptcy while the millions of dollars he unintentionally required remain safely offshore.
    • Nikki and Wrench kill off Varga’s men and successfully acquire the $2 million he was willing to pay them. Varga is forced to flee the country while Nikki tracks down Emmit and attempts to kill him. She is instead killed by a state trooper in a Mutual Kill.
    • Emmit makes amends with his wife and files personal bankruptcy, pleading guilty to misdemeanor tax fraud and being put on two years’ probation.

  • "Somebody to Love":
    • Emmit Stussy is killed in his own home by Wes Wrench.
    • Varga is arrested upon entering the country from Brussels and interviewed by Homeland Security Agent Gloria Burgle about his involvement in the 2011 Stussy Lots corporate fiasco and possible involvement in the death of Emmit Stussy.

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