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The Series

  • Ari and the headmaster share a moment in Season 4 when Ari goes over to the headmaster's house to try to convince the headmaster to let his son into the same private school as his sister, Ari tearfully acknowledges what he did to make the board not want to let his son in, the headmaster then confesses to Ari that he has a 'special' son who works in the mail room at another agency, he then tells Ari that if he gives him a better job at his agency he'll let Ari's son into the school.
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  • Near the end of Season 8 Vince, Turtle, and Drama go to Sloan and convince her to give E another chance because they can see how miserable their friend is without her.
  • Drama finding out that, despite the harsh reviews by critics, the first episode of Five Towns was a hit with audiences.

The Film

  • When Drama wins the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.
    Drama: VICTORY!!!
  • Vince's unflinching refusal to allow Drama to be cut from "Hyde." It really displays the loyalty the four have had for each other since the beginning.
  • Ari has a surprising number of them in the film, from his earnest attempts at anger management for the sake of his marriage, to the way he fights for Vince and his movie to the point of losing his job and capped off by not only hosting Lloyd's wedding at his house, but standing in for Lloyd's father and giving him away.
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  • Turtle wanting so bad to make things up to Ronda that he, a novice fighter at best, climbs into the cage with her to prove it, nearly getting his arm broken in the process.

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