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Heartwarming / Ensign Sue Must Die

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  • Another Shatner character, Sgt T.J. Hooker, appeared and shakes Sue out of her funk by telling that there is nothing wrong with being normal and that she is not useless. He adds that it's not too late for her to make amends and that she should save the people she cares about.
  • Kirk passes by Ensign Sue, who is in a cell for betraying the other sues. She makes a heartfelt apology for all the trouble she's caused, explains the sum of the revelation she's had since the start of this story, and begs to be allowed to make up for her mistakes. Kirk's response? "You had me at "Captain"."
    • A few pages later, Kirk and Sue catch up to the others, and Uhura's understandably pissed to see Sue. Sue, however, looks terribly guilty, and begins saying, "Lieutenant Uhura, I—" before she's cut off. Her expression and her addressing Uhura by her rank all but states that she was about to offer her a sincere apology for how she treated her.
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  • When Sue Prime was defeated by Spock Prime, we see the Sues beginning to disappear. How do they react? They're pretty okay with it. British Sue mentions it was fun while it last while Anna Mae waves goodbye at "Sulu-sensei." Sulu even waves back!
  • The ending. After everything has finally come to a close, Spock and Kirk are left to muse over the entire incident. Chekov then passes by them with a group of new crew members, showing them around the ship. Kirk lets him go without a second thought, until he spots someone familiar... a young ensign named Mary Smith who happens to bear a striking resemblance to Sue. Kirk lets her go with a simple "Welcome to the Enterprise" and he and Spock continue to wonder what other new and strange things are waiting for them.
    Spock: If there's one thing this entire incident taught me, Captain... It's that the universe is a strange place. Perhaps it is not always for the worse.

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