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Heartwarming / Delta State

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  • In the first episode, Luna leaves, overwhelmed by what was happening; when she returns, she sees Brodie who instead of getting angry, talks to her about it.
  • In the episode Fusion, Phillip has his first day at a job. The others reassure him that he'll do fine, despite them (or at least Claire) not thinking it will last.
  • Phillip talking the the girl he likes in Claire's crack up. He admits how close they are when he's explaining why he's worried about Claire.
    Phillip: I know I complain about them but they're my friends... and they're all I have.
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  • Martin comforting Claire after she couldn't find the picture of her and David. They had their share of problems in that episode but they do care about each other.
  • Phillip is taking a picture of them as a group, his reason was simply because they don't have a picture together.
    • When going on the mission to destroy Brodie Brodie is the last to leave the apartment and he grabs one last thing, the picture they took. He smiles and puts it in his coat pocket.
  • In the episode "The Orb" Maria protecting Phillip from Sven

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