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Tear Jerker / Delta State

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  • Everyone arguing after Luna left, it was clear they all were worried and felt in over their heads.
    Claire: Go, Go look for her, she probably wants you to.
    Phillip: Look where? She could be anywhere!
    • Calire's face afterwords shows how worried she felt.
  • In "The Reading" Phillip is goes to Chantelle even though Brodie told him not to, it ends with Chantelle being killed Phillip is blaming himself over this in the episode.
  • Claire's confusion over seeing David, she's conflicted about if she should tell Martin.
    • When no one was there, Martin sadly watching Claire talk to herself shows how much he cares and worries about her.
    • Claire's breakdown at not being able to find the picture to prove David is real.
  • The episode "Sweet Dreams" has Claire being in a coma and Phillip, Luna and Martin are all very worried about her.
    • Martin took it the hardest. When he spoke to Claire trying to help her out of the coma, he sounded on the verge of tears.
  • When Claire was captured by Sven, how worried they all, especially Martin got shown.
  • Martin, and to a slightly lesser degree, the others begin to distrust Brodie, the person they saw as their mentor. After finding out his secret, the others except for Luna cope by trying to avoid the situation.
  • None of them were having exactly a happy life before the experiment:
    • Luna: saw her sister get hit by a getaway car after a bank robbery at the bank Luna worked at
    • Martin: his dad hired someone to break his arm, causing him to not be able to get his dream of being a baseball player
    • Phillip: his mom had to abandon him due to her being in a cult and he was in an orphanage and was bullied
    • Claire: a friend drowned her boyfriend so he can get the treasure
  • Brodie's death, this is shown by the quote at the end
    Phillip: We may have won the battle but we lost...
    Martin: A friend, we lost a friend, Phillip.
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  • In the last episode, Luna has a vision that The apocalypse will happen since they are now rifters she refuses to tell the others, meaning that she was that pressure on her shoulders. Luna is clearly distraught by this, though she hides it.

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