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  • Complete Monster: Sven Ragnar is easily the worst of all the Rifters that appeared in this series. Sven is a super Rifter, in charge of the Rifter invasion of the human world, and is opposed by Broody and his proteges: Martin, Phillip, Claire and Luna. In his first appearance, Sven kills one his Rifter minions for lounging around in a hotel room instead of performing her appointed tasks. Later he kills a psychic that could detect Rifters, fearing she is a threat to his invasion plans. In another scheme, Sven uses his shapeshifting powers to impersonate a hospital administrator, who is pushing a new microchip that would be implanted in the human brain, claiming it had medical benefits, but which in reality this chip simply allows Rifters to take over human minds more quickly. 20% of the patients who received this chip would have been taken over by Rifters, while the rest would die. Sven also kills Martin's father to prevent Martin from discovering his past. Sven decides to torment Phillip, mocking him over the fact that his mother abandoned him. Sven's sister Marie falls in love with Phillip and saves him from Sven's wrath, so Sven kills her. Broody eventually revels that he himself is a Rifter and has been training his students to fight Rifters so they can be powerful enough to kill him, before his Rifter energy overwhelms him and causes him to explode. Sven does everything in his power to stop Broody's students from preventing this disaster.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: Training Day is about a famous young celebrity who who is killed in an accident. His name was Paul Walker.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?


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