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  • In "Cabin Fever" Brodie is telling the others about the E.L.F transmitter, leading to this exchange
    Martin: What's an E.L.F
    Phillip: Elf, little person, pixie.
  • In Training Day Brodie decides that it would be a good idea to train the team, Phillip keeps thinking about coffee, making that come out of the thermos that Brodie was trying to use for water, leading Brodie to say this,
    Brodie: Okay, who was thinking about coffee?
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  • In the episode Deja Vu, Phillip doesn't listen when Martin tells him to not eat too much guacamole in the Delta state, Phillip doesn't listen and after they wake up from it he leaves the room and has a stomach ache from the guacamole leading to this exchange,
    Martin: Let me guess, Guacamole?
    Phillip: Never again.

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