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  • Ivan singing to calm down Amber after her nightmare is just precious.
  • After the group chews her out for withholding information, Jeminya stays up all night trying to compile as much information on her sister as possible. Notably, Faethurin, who has been her biggest doubter, was noticably concerned for Jeminya's health.
  • The group sharing their backstories with each other in the forest is a nice moment of companionship.
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  • Ivan’s constant cheeriness is guaranteed to make you smile at least once per session.
  • The group learning that Amarta survived her fight with the Balor.
  • And then providing proof of the Labyrinth’s existence to Seolic. Finally having proof that his father wasn’t a liar after years of having the name slandered has the man overwhelmed with joy. It really makes you feel like the party is actually making the world a better place.
  • Jeminya’s "World of Cardboard" Speech and her resolve to keep doing good for it’s own sake.
  • Everyone in the party (Except Oin) apologising to each other for how they’ve been treating each other on their travels and genuinely resolving to treat each other better.
  • Kross and Faerthurin working as a team during the battle agaisnt the Night Twist. Especially considering they’d been at each others throats not long before.
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  • Even after it’s been revealed that Jeminya is actually a teifling and has been lying to them all this time, the party still immediately moves to defend her from the dwarves. If you ever needed proof that the party has become True Companions, this is it right here.
  • And then they manage to talk Jeminya down from her rage and fully accept her back into the team. Even after her "The Reason You Suck" Speech to them
  • Choosing not to execute the bandits, but instead finding them jobs so they can feed themselves without having to rob from people..
  • Amber and Kross conversation on Amarta’s ship. Complete with You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech from Kross.
  • And then Kross confessing his feelings to Jeminya.
  • Amarta’s tangible relief when Amber is safely rescued from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
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  • Amber and Faerthurin embracing Ivan and Jalerom respectively after they each pass their tests. Especially the latter, since displays of affection like that are extremely rare for her.
  • Finding Amber’s childhood music box and chew toy in the tower she was raised.
  • “Cookie Monster”. That is all.
  • Despite lampshading how odd it is, the girl talk between Amber and Faerthurin in eposode 43 is a nice moment of bonding between the two.
    • and later, when they all get seperated Faerthurin is the first to comfort a panicking Amber. Rin's Hidden Heart of Gold really does shine in this episode.
  • Kross, Amber, Ivan, Oin, and Simula accidentally stumble upon a Romeo And Juliet-type secret wedding between a Gold and Red Dragon. They're allowed to stay and bear witness on the grounds they tell no one. Everyone, even Simula is "dawwwwing" while Ivan and Imontillo play a pretty wedding song.
    • Sadly, well... see the Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel pages
  • In Episode 59, we finally meet Kross's son, Reyin. Everybody, even Simula squees at just how adorable he is.
    • To add to the heartwarming, Reyin is voiced by Josh's real life girlfriend (now fiancee) Aramau.
  • In part 72, the party is discussing about going to Hell. Amber and Ivan are having a talk about how Amber's father will handle the fact that his daughter are going to Hell. Ivan responds with a really sweet meaning of that as long as they stay together, that's heaven for him.
  • In Episode 97, Ivan once again comforts Amber when she breaks down after finally letting go of her anger towards Raavas.
  • Arkoth has come a long way in redeeming himself. The Arkoth of old would never have sacrificed himself for the sake of a child.
  • After Oin wakes Ravvas from his magically induced sleep, Ravvas and Amber take the time to apologize to each other for how they acted, Amber apologizing for being a brash coward and Ravvas for his egotistical attitude.
  • Jalerom asks Faerthurin to marry him. She says yes.
  • The group has finally found Jeminya.
    • Not only that, but this is also the first meeting between Jeminya and Hana. Despite Jeminya being scared at first, they do eventually fall into an embrace.

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