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  • In Brightest Day #0, Deadman and the White Light bringing a baby bird back to life and raising a forest in the wrecked part of Star City.
  • Also in #0, two sentences. Guy and Hal with an entire crateful of Oreos Chocos for their favorite martian. And Guy brought the milk.
  • After all the trauma and relationship issues they both suffered before the latter died, Mera and the now Back from the Dead Aquaman have several throughout the arc.
    • In issue #3, they have a heart to heart where Mera apologizes for being Not So Different from the Atlanteans in not standing by Arthur and promises her undying love and loyalty. After Mera admits she could never return to Xebel even if she wanted to, Arthur realizes she too is a fellow undersea monarch in exile. Mera doesn't mind, as she feels she is home with Arthur at his father's Lighthouse.
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    • When they, alongside the Aquagirl II Lorena Marquez and the new Aqualad Jackson Hyde, face off against Black Manta, Hila/Siren and the raiding Xebellian army at the beach, Mera, as she prepares to overexert herself to wash them away, simply asks Arthur to believe in her. He does.
  • In the Blackest Night Epilogue in GLC #47, the Guardians do perhaps the only useful thing they've done since the end of the Sinestro Corps War: Repealing the 3rd Law which prohibited romantic relationships. Also, Isamot donating his legs to his patrol partner Vath (after Vath got his legs blasted off by the Anti-Monitor) really highlighted how much brotherly love they had... even though things were a little tense due to Vath's Fantastic Racism. (Don't worry, they calmed down.)
  • J'onn gets two, one in issue 2 and another in issue 3. In 2, he meets up with Erdel's now elderly daughter, and morphs into Erdel. It's partly him asking her questions about plot events, and partly allowing an elderly lady to see her long-deceased father one last time. The other is J'onn bringing a dog that had seen its owners murdered to Erdel's daughter- after he erases the memory of the murder from the dog's mind.
    • Dex-Starr's backstory reveal also counts.
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  • Brightest Day #14. The White Lantern Ring convinces Boston Brand to embrace his second chance at life instead of looking for a chance to throw it away. After deciding he does want to live after all, he and a relieved Dove share a kiss.
  • The end of Green Lantern #61 (an Atrocitus spotlight issue), in a weird, blood-spew-ey way.
  • Brightest Day #17. After seeing bits of Boston's childhood with his grandfather in #14, he discovers his grandfather is still alive. Although he is apprehensive, Boston goes to see his grandfather in his assisted-living home. After spending some time together, Boston takes his grandfather for a ride on a motorcycle. The look of joy on both of their faces is priceless.
  • In Brightest Day #24, J'onn uses his powers to remove the shrapnel in Erdel's daughter's brain, restoring her mind in the process. They then proceed to discuss the events which brought J'onn to Earth, and J'onn forgives Erdel's daughter for her part in it.
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  • Saint Walker burying someone reanimated by a black ring and giving a eulogy that has Shown Their Work and knew details of the poor man's life. Then he gets up, goes to the next grave, and begins the next eulogy. The next panel shows a massive graveyard, implying Walker's intending to do this for all the dead of Coast City — millions of them.

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