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  • Arisia delivering a right hook to one of the Guardians. And the verbal beatdown that followed.
  • Max Lord using his mind-control powers to erase everyone's knowledge of his existence, except for Ice, Fire, Booster Gold and Captain Atom. Three pages ago he was the focus on a metahuman manhunt headed by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman; the next he's sipping a glass of wine in the sun while smoking a cigar.
    • Not only does he mindwipe everyone, but he THEN goes about discrediting the only people left who know who he is AND made sure his mindwipe also included a post-hypnotic suggestion to cause them to become belligerent when confronted with the photographic evidence of Max's existence or even when asked why they don't remember who Max is! However, this begins to be undone before the New 52.
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  • And hell, Deadman using a huge hammer to bash in his headstone.
  • Sinestro vs Kyle:
    Sinestro: Who taught you to fight, alley rat?
    Kyle: (Punches Sinestro so hard he lifts off) BATMAN!
  • Doubling as a Funny Moment, Firestorm transmuting the Anti-Monitor's helmet into hydrogen and then throwing a giant match at it.
  • Martian Manhunter tossing both D'Kay D'razz and himself INTO THE SUN to destroy her. Even better since it's a Call-Back to how he defeated another evil Green Martian: his brother Malefic.
  • The White Light's declaration as a half-rotting corpse crawls out of the ground in front of its tree.
    The White Light: "Earth's ultimate savior. His name is Alec Holland."
  • Constantine returns to the DC universe!
    Constantine: "Bollocks."
  • Mera using her powers on a massive scale to pull Black Manta and Siren's army out to sea.

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