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Heartwarming / Blame!

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  • In the fifth volume, we see into the nature of Mensab's and Seu's relationship. She is quite affectionate and fusses over him each time he is resurrected and she is unable to recreate him fully due to the President's restrictions on his data, much to her frustration.
  • Cibo waiting for Killy for ten years after the teleportation incident. Not that she had any other choice, but the dedication is somewhat touching if you stop and think about it.
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  • In the ninth volume after being transformed into the Level 9 Safeguard, Cibo seemingly has a blank personality and the mind of a child. She can't remember much, but she can remember one thing: Killy will come back for her.
  • The fact that Killy and Cibo stuck around with each other at all is probably a CMOH in itself.
  • There is one, in the fifth volume, Seu has been revived and when he wakes up, it's implied that his brain is being retarded every time he heals. If you look at Mensab and how she cares for him, you realize that he's the only human she would ever give a damn about, like a mother.


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