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Heartwarming / Batman: Bad Blood

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  • Damian immediately leaving the Buddhist temple in order to investigate his father's disappearance.
  • Dick having a cutesy conversation with his girlfriend, Kory. It's Casual Danger Dialogue, but still cute nonetheless.
  • Kate's entire relationship with her father: He knows her identity as Batwoman and fully supports and helps her with whatever she needs. He also wants her to find a nice girlfriend so she won't be lonely.
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  • Luke staying at his father's bedside after he was stabbed.
  • Kate and Renee Montoya flirting at a bar and immediately hitting it off.
    • When Nightwing interrupts the date to ask for Kate's help she leaves her card for Renee. When the latter admits some skepticism to this, Kate immediately states that "it's not a line" and she really likes Renee. And she gives one last look before leaving. A minute later, Renee picks up the card and gives a smile.
    • At the end, Renee shows up to Kate's father's apartment to have breakfast with him and Kate. They are officially dating.
      Renee: Sorry, I'm a little early.
      Jacob: No, no. You're right on time.
  • Dick and Alfred's relationship. Though they aren't actually related by blood, they're clearly two people that care about each other as much as any family members can, sharing their concern for Bruce and Dick playfully mocking Alfred's accent. After Bruce returns and criticizes Dick for bringing Luke and Kate into the conflict, Alfred even stands up to Bruce and defends Dick's decision.
    • Dick also assures Kate that Alfred is "a total badass" when she's weirded out by the butler being part of the action, showing a great respect for Alfred.
  • "But from here on, it's only family". Yes, Bruce is acting like a jerk and dismissing Batwoman and Batwing's contributions to things. Yes, he's ignoring Dick's advice. And yes, he is brainwashed. But he's still acknowledging both Alfred and Dick, along with Damian, as a part of his family. A nice reminder about how close all of them are.
  • Beaten, battered, unable to use an arm, and with a brainwashed Batman pointing a gun at Robin, Dick still tries to talk to Bruce and get through to the good man inside. And it works!
    Dick: Bruce, you don't kill. You never killed. Don't let [Talia] win. Don't let her take your soul. [...] You brought us all together because you understood our pain, our loneliness better than anyone could. We needed family. We needed you. You're not just a mask, you're a man. The best man I have ever known.
    • What finally snaps Bruce out of it? Talia was about to slash Dick.
  • The ending has Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Batwing, and Batwoman teaming up together to take out the Penguin. They look like a true Badass Family.