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Heartwarming / Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts

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  • Heartwarming in a very sad way, the first thing Langstrom asks Batman after he's been temporarily restored to normal and grasps what must have happpend.
    Langstrom: Did I hurt anyone?
  • When Flash starts to worry about whether or not he'll be able to vibrate his body fast enough to pass through Penguins force field to shut it down. Nightwing, who up to that point had been dismissive and demeaning of him, gives Flash some heartfelt encouragement.
    Nightwing: Calm down, you can do it. (obviously feeling rather awkward) I...believe in you.
    Flash: (suddenly gives Nightwing a hug) Thanks man, I needed that.
    Nightwing: (now feeling really awkward) Oh come on, alright, just-- please just get off me.
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  • Red Robin's persistence in trying to reason with and calm Langstrom/Man-Bat.
    Red Robin: Dr. Langstrom, please. Your body has changed but not your mind. Concentrate!

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